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Bhagawati reviews Satyananda’s latest book published in Germany.

Raus aus der Komfortzone: Sprung in die Freiheit

Elten Sprung in die FreiheitThis is a momentous book, written by a meditator with keen awareness and a finger on the global pulse of society, politics, economy, materialism, war, science, religion, nature, and more.

It contains a selection of essays written by Satyananda during a fourteen year period, from 1999 to 2013; most of them were previously published in the German Osho Times. Chronologically organised, it is a presentation of global and national events that he sagaciously comments and analyses, but also includes endearing stories from his day-to-day life; every article is personal, here-now. I can envision him being inspired by an actual event and spontaneously creating yet another relevant article; his ever-present fine humour is a delightful addition to his insights.

Throughout the book runs a red thread – his understanding that society and materialism are abstract terms; they are not reality. The reality of matter is molecules and only if they change, can matter change. For society the same applies – it can only change when people are transformed through insight and not through propaganda, instructions, belief, threat and the eternal hellfire and promise of paradise.

He says in the Foreword,

Transformation comes not from discussing our problems
and looking for alleged culprits.
Transformation is only possible if a critical mass of people
make the leap from unconsciousness to awareness.
If we – you and me – ask ourselves
what part we are playing in any present problem.”

Solid advice!

Our German-speaking readers will surely enjoy this work and may the international audience have an English translation available as soon as possible!

Bhagawati, Osho News

Publication date: 1.12.2013
Publisher: verlag satyananda
ISBN: 9783980841535
370 pages
Language: German

Available at www.hierjetzt.de
soon also at www.amazon.de

Satyananda TN Satyananda (aka Joerg Andrees Elten) was born in Dresden, Germany, and survived WW2. A well-known international political reporter for Stern Magazine, he was assigned in 1977 to report about Osho and the ashram; he became a sannyasin, dropped his career and lived at the ashram. His first book about his experiences, ‘Totally Relaxed in the Here and Now’ became an instant hit. He lives in Northern Germany and gives seminars and workshops at the ‘Institute for Creativity and Meditation’ together with Gitama. He writes articles about current affairs and spiritual themes and is frequently invited as a public speaker. He is working on his autobiography. www.hierjetzt.de

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