Osho Risk Summer Festival 2014


Subhuti sent us a bunch of photos from the yearly festival in Denmark.

The Summer Festival at Osho Risk was a great success this year with a maximum number of people crowded into this meditation centre in the middle of Denmark. One of the main features was Milarepa who, together with his One Sky Band, offered live music for morning Satsang meditation followed by Heart Dance and other delights. Milarepa also offered an evening concert, where people sang and danced to all his favourite compositions.


010 festival helpers
020 morning meeting
030 satsang 1
031 satsang 2
032 satsang 5
033 satsang 4
040 five rhythms 3
045 five rhythms 1
047 five rhythms 2
050 cooks 2
055 cooks 1
058 hot tub 1
070 concert 1
072 concert 2
073 concert 4
074 concert 5
075 concert 6
076 concert 3
077 concert fan club


Other highlights of the festival included a jazz cafe evening, featuring some very skilled musicians, and an end-of-festival cabaret parodying characters from Game of Thrones. Guest facilitators included Ali and Krisana from Berlin, who led psychodrama and theatre workshops, and Jan and Annette, who gave a Five Rhythms dance workshop.


080 sharing 1
084 sharing 3
086 sharing 2
102 Ali and Krisana 2
105 Ali and Krisana
110 Bindu
120 jazz cafe 1
122 jazz cafe 3
125 jazz cafe 2
130 cabaret 1
132 cabaret 2
135 cabaret 3
136 cabaret 4


Each morning, everyone gathered in the main meditation hall to hear what was being offered on the day’s programme, while in the kitchen, a team of cooks prepared a steady supply of vegetarian meals. The weather, which is notoriously unreliable in Denmark, was kind to our festival: it was raining on the first day but then soon dried up and became warm and sunny for the rest of the week.



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