Joy of Silence


Listen to Deuter’s relaxing music and watch a video of his photos from travelling all over the world.

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I used to make music for film and TV and was always fascinated how a picture or a movie changed when music was added to it. Suddenly another dimension opens up, things become clearer and more colourful, a new level of depth becomes available.

For years I have not only been recording sounds of nature but I also love to take photographs. In this video, Joy of Silence, I have been trying to combine these two elements to create a space for silence.

The images – mainly nature stills – are part of this world. Music is not of this world; it is a different dimension which can affect us profoundly, from dance to silence.

There is only little movement in the images, movement on which the music can ride and take us through time into a relaxed space.

I did this project mainly for myself, just for the fun of creating it and hope that you too will enjoy!


Chaitanya TNMeditation music and Chaitanya Hari (aka Deuter) are synonymous; he has since long been recognised as the founder of New Age music and has become a legend among meditation and music lovers alike. Born in Germany, he nowadays lives in New Mexico in a sanctuary tucked away among a forest where he creates music with instruments from all over the world. Loving nature, he also is a beekeeper; he describes himself as a hermit/monk/wolf living in the wild.

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