Excerpts — 10 January 2015

purnat purnamudachyate
purnasya purnamadaya
purnameva vashisyate.


Osho Wool Hat


this is the cold.
That is the cold.
From coldness emerges coldness.
Coldness coming from coldness,
coldness still remains!


This morning is really cold, hence the change of the meaning. I don’t stick to the words, I stick to the reality! Therefore, before we enter into the cold waters of the Mandukya Upanishad, a few jokes to warm you up.

Two fleas were sitting on their deck chairs on the beach in Miami, Florida. It was January, the weather was warm, and the fleas were lazing around with a cool drink, suntan lotion smeared over their bodies.

Their quiet was interrupted by a third flea who came in and sat down on a deck chair next to them. He was rugged up in heavy boots, an overcoat, hat and gloves, and still he was shivering.

“Why are you dressed for the Antarctic in the middle of the summer?” one of the fleas asked him.

“Oh,” moaned the third flea, “I found myself in the beard of a hippie when he mounted his motorcycle back in the bitter cold and snow of Detroit, Michigan. He drove non-stop for two whole days to get here. I’m chilled to the bone!”

“Next winter,” said one of the fleas, “go to the penthouse of an expensive apartment building during a cocktail party. There you are bound to find someone wealthy who is going south for the winter, and you can go in style!”

A year later the same fleas were sitting on the beach in Miami when the other flea approached them, still wearing a heavy overcoat and shivering violently.

“What happened to you? Why didn’t you take my advice?” asked the flea.

“I did take your advice,” grumbled the freezing insect. “I got to a penthouse and found a cocktail party going on. I located a beautiful lady, wearing furs and expensive jewelry. I knew she would be going south in high style, so I climbed onto her toe, up her ankle, up her calf, up her thigh, and then I came to a lovely warm spot, and I knew I would be going south in style.

“The next thing I knew, I was inside the beard of a hippie who drove straight through non-stop in the bitter cold!”

Osho, Philosophia Ultima, Ch 9 (excerpt)