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Ray Foy reviews John Hogue’s (aka Arjuna) latest publication.

10 PredictionsTen Predictions for 2015 is John Hogue’s prelude to his much larger work, Predictions 2015, in much the same way that the year 2015 is prelude to a much larger time in human history.

Ten Predictions is a short work at 45 pages but much information and thought food is packed in that small space. The first section of the book is the ten predictions. They are numbered and written as essays of varying lengths. They are not so much a listing of discrete predictions as they are themes and event directions that support one another and build a picture of the times ahead.

The overarching theme in all the predictions is that 2015 is the year of last chances – economically, politically, and ecologically. Changes have to be made in the coming year to forestall dark consequences. For instance, we need to change our economic model from an imaginary one (fiat currency) to something value-based to avoid a ‘Greater Depression’.

Mr. Hogue also sees 2015 as a beginning of trends that lead to a changed world. He sees a shift in world political power from West (US/NATO) to East as the BRICS nations rise from the fall of the petrodollar.

He sees a rising populist movement spurred by technology that topples (or greatly weakens) the power of central authorities.

He says a lot concerning war in our future, but indicates some nuances about how it unfolds depending on decisions made soon. He sees (based on some specifics from Nostradamus) a war in the Persian Gulf involving the US, Israel, and Iran (with a last-minute chance to avoid it). He sees tensions with Russia leading to a nuclear standoff over Ukraine, though just short of war.

Most interesting among these themes and directions are some specifics. For instance, he sees an implementation of technology in the form of a “black box” that will provide household energy independence. He sees the Internet morphing to (or augmented by) a base of cell phone connections and so surviving attempts by authority to control it. He sees a ‘World War Green’ that will be pretty much an ‘anti-war’.

And he offers some prophetic indications of the winner of the 2016 US presidential election that includes one who has “a destiny to become president unless…”

After the predictions, Mr. Hogue includes an essay entitled, The Future of Richness. Actually, it’s a talk he gave to a gathering of very rich people (that he considers as among the 1%) upon their invitation. This section is largely about Mr. Hogue’s time with his guru, Osho. Since Osho was sometimes called ‘The Rich Man’s Guru’, that recounting was probably germane to his audience. The essay does relate to this book’s prophetic theme, however, in that it ends with an encouragement for these rich folk to find the enlightenment to use their wealth and resources to lead humanity into a better future.

The book’s last section contains sample chapters from some of Mr. Hogue’s previous works. These are:

A New Cold War: The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger, and Edgar Cayce

Nostradamus: The End of End Times

Nostradamus: A Life and Myth

The samples add value to this book and support it with some interesting predictions and accounts of fulfilled prophecies. Notable is the prediction of the rise of a new spiritual teacher from the east that is gleaned from Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian writings. Also, there is an account of the real prediction Nostradamus made concerning 9-11.

Ten Predictions for 2015 is an appetizer for Predictions 2015. But it’s a tasty appetizer that will give Mr. Hogue’s fans the scholarly interpretation of past prophets using the clever prose they’ve come expect from him. And I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking with open mind for prophetic insights into these turbulent and momentous times.

Ray Foy

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