The Rebel of Benaras

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Sanjay reviews Anil Sethi’s recently published book on Kabir.

The Rebel of BenaresA baby boy abandoned near a lotus pond in Benaras is adopted by a poor weaver couple. The loom and the craft of weaving await to be mastered by him and to become the very fabric of his poetry when he grows up to be the mystic-poet who for centuries will go on stirring the seeking souls. His boyhood is an adventure in the cotton fields where he enquires and explores, where there are encounters with strange but remarkable people. It is an adventure leading to the discovery of that what really Is.

The Rebel of Benaras captures the saga of young Kabir’s adventures in such intricate and intimate details that one feels to be the part of the story, the gap of six centuries ceases to exist. The narration is more poetry than prose – doing absolute justice to the story, as Kabir is not Kabir if not for his poetry.

Being the very first novel on Kabir in English makes this work of historical importance. Hope the book has a sequel and the rebel returns to ruffle more feathers and to sing a few more songs.

Sanjay Bharti, Editor, Yes Osho


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Anil SehtiAnil Sethi’s pull for writing came early; his first short story was published in a children’s monthly when he was fourteen. He has been an Osho disciple for 37 years and was a columnist for the Buddhafield Newsletter and for Osho Times. He now writes for Yes Osho magazine which is published in Pune, India. ‘The Rebel of Benaras’ is his first novel and currently he is working on his next book titled ‘In Chuang Tzu’s dream’.

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