Your letter has filled my heart with joy

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (60)


Osho in Armchair

Your letter has filled my heart with joy.
You are at the threshold of a great revolution;
now, even if you want to run away I will not let you.
You will certainly have to perish in it
so that you can be reborn.

Gold has to pass through fire –
only then is it purified.
Love is fire for you and I pray to God
that your ego burns in it.
Then if love comes, prayer can come too;
without love, prayer is not possible.

Remember that body and soul are not two.
The part of the person that can be seen is the body,
the part that cannot be seen is the soul.
The same holds true for God and matter:
God made visible matter and what cannot be seen is God.

Take life easily and naturally, just as it comes.
Welcome it in its endless forms
with an attitude of complete acceptance.
And do not impose yourself on life; life has its
own discipline, its own wisdom,
and those who are ready to live totally
have no need for any other discipline or wisdom.

But you have always been afraid of life and
therefore you are afraid of love.

Now life has begun penetrating you,
breaking your walls of security.
So, God’s infinite grace showers on you!
Don’t run from it now, accept it gratefully
and my good wishes are always with you.

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