This Is Going To Be Your Lifestyle

The Urgency




Be silent. Close your eyes.
Feel your body to be frozen;
gather all your life energy inwards and look in.
Deeper and deeper.
Find the center of your being.
Finding the center of your being is the door
that leads you beyond yourself, that makes you a buddha.

Be well acquainted with this new space you are in,
because you have to carry the buddha twenty-four hours –
in your gestures, in your actions, in your words,
in your silence, waking or sleeping.
If one can remain with this silence,
then there is no need to follow any discipline,
any virtue.
Everything will happen on its own accord,
And when things happen spontaneously
they have a beauty of their own.
It is a blissful moment.
You are dissolved
into an oceanic consciousness,
you are at home,
realizing that which you have carried
since the very beginning,
for thousands of lives,
but have never looked into it…
never searched for it,
have taken it for granted.
It is the most precious treasure in you.
It is the whole universe falling in you.

Nivedano, to make it clear…

Relax, and just watch the body, the mind.
You remain a watcher.
Just a watcher.

Your body is born and dies.
Your mind every moment changes.
Only this watcher is your eternity.
Remember it.
Remind yourself of it.
And slowly slowly make it your ordinary,
simple life experience, just like breathing.
You don’t have to make any effort.
When your buddha is that spontaneous,
you have found the truth.

Osho waves


Come back, and bring with you
all the fragrance that you have gathered.
Sit down, slowly, gracefully as a buddha,
for a few seconds.
This is going to be your lifestyle.
I don’t want any followers.
I want everybody to be a buddha,
a master unto himself.

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

Can we celebrate the buddhas?

Osho, The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart, Ch 1

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