Love flows downwards


It is the whole idea of private property that has created the father, that has created the family, that has created the ownership of the woman by the man.

If there was a time when there was no father, no private property, a day is bound to come when there will be no private property – the father will disappear.

Osho round discourse

But the father insists: “Love me – I am your father!” and the child has to pretend that he loves. There is not even any necessity for the child to love the mother. It is one of the laws of nature that the mother has a natural instinct of love for the child, but not vice versa – the child has no natural instinct to love the mother. He needs the mother, that’s one thing, he uses the mother, that’s one thing, but there is no law of nature that he should love the mother. He likes her because she is so helpful, so useful; without her he cannot exist. So he is grateful, respectful – all these things are okay – but love is a totally different phenomenon

You have forgotten
what real love is.

Love flows downwards from the mother to the child, not backwards. And it is very simple because the child’s love will flow towards his own child, it cannot go backwards – just as the Ganges goes on flowing towards the ocean, not towards the source. The mother is the source, and love flows onwards to the new generation. To turn it backwards is a forced act, unnatural, unbiological.

But the child has to pretend because the mother says, “I am your mother – you have to love me!” And what can the child do? He can only pretend, so he becomes a politician. Every child becomes a politician from the very cradle. He starts smiling when the mother enters the room – a Jimmy Carter smile! He does not feel any joy, but he has to smile. He has to open his mouth and do some exercise of the lips – that helps him, that is a survival measure. But love is becoming false.

And once you have learnt the cheaper kind of love, the plastic kind, then it is very difficult to discover the original, the real, the authentic. Then he has to love his sisters and brothers, and there is no reason really. In fact, who loves his own sister and for what? These are all ideas implanted to keep the family together. But this whole process of falsification brings you to a point where when you fall in love that love also is false.

You have forgotten what real love is.

Osho, Philosophia Ultima, Ch 11, Q 1 (excerpt)

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