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Dhyana Vargas’ graphic design studio.

When Osho News recently connected with Dhyana regarding the Osho Festival in Colombia, we noticed that she is a talented graphic designer because, in the same week, we received from her the two adverts for Karakaya which she had designed. A quick peep into her website, and we knew that we had some very good quality design there. So we asked Dhyana to write something about her work.



I am a Colombian freelance graphic designer based in Berlin. In 2003 I moved to Germany where I studied Communication Design at the FH-Düsseldorf and afterwards gained professional experience in advertising agencies. Allowing my intuition and sensitivity for aesthetics to guide the creative process, I describe my work as a unity between playfulness and warmth, simplicity and clearity.

I enjoy developing graphic design for people and their companies and I try to offer them the right look so that they can be recognized by their clients. Working with different people from all over the world, besides being fun and exciting, has given me new ways of understanding. In the past I have worked with Osho Festival in Russia, Osho Studio in Berlin, Karakaya Retreat in Turkey, Osho Meditation Festival in Colombia, to name just a few.

Supporting and helping people to bring their projects into life is a very rewarding and joyful task. I am always interested in new projects, fresh ideas and lion-hearted co-clients.

My encounter with Osho and his meditations has changed my life and showed me the path for inner growth, allowing me to deepen my connection with creativity and intuition, and with my heart. This experience has helped me to get a better feeling of what my clients have in their minds and then translate it into excellent design.

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