Gyan Sharno (Katsue Ishida)


…left her body on 2nd April 2015

Gyan Sharno (Katsue Ishida) was in charge of the Yamato-hime chapel at the Grand Shrine in Ise, a coastal city 75 miles southeast of Osaka. Her abilities as a channeller were widely recognised throughout Japan.

She was Osho’s ambassador to Japan.

Katsue Ishida

Sharno, Katsue Ishida, was the mystic who stated in late 1988, after seeing Osho’s picture, that, “This is the person that Maitreya the Buddha has entered. He is trying to create a utopia in the twenty first century. Lots of destructive power is directed against him, and some people call him Satan. But I have never known Satan to be poisoned, We must preserve this man, Osho. Buddha has entered into Him.”

Osho accepted the prophecy “with great love and respect” and dedicated the discourses published as No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity to her in the same terms. When he found Buddha “too old and too much fixed in his approach to life,” he apologised to her. She replied through Ma Geeta, “Don’t feel be worried and concerned. With every change your master has reached a higher stage.”

Ma Sharno visited Pune in January 1989. Osho noted, “Ishida is here, sitting. She has come from Japan, from a Shinto temple. I will make her my ambassador to Japan.” (Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind, Ch 1, Q 4).

Sharno was in charge of the Yamato-hime Shrine in Ise, a coastal city 75 miles southeast of Osaka. Her ability as a channeller was widely recognised throughout Japan. As a small child, she had been overwhelmed by the sound of a great explosion which no one else had been able to hear; this was later realised to be the bombing of Hiroshima. In her seventies, her hair turned white after a vision of hell. She also ran a jewellery store and was known to drive a hard bargain.

Sharno may have been one of the influences in Osho’s decision to change his name. (“Osho” is a Japanese term of respect for a Zen Buddhist master.)

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Remember her walking towards Lao Tzu gate when she was in the commune to share her golden smile …
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