Three Centers: Head, Heart and Being


Osho answers one of Trinda’s questions.


Beloved Osho,
A therapist once told me that we can get stuck in our feelings just as much as in the mind and that feelings too have to be dropped or gone beyond. I often wonder about this, as my feelings are usually my guide in life and also, I feel things very intensely. Would you please comment?

Osho speaking

Anand Trinda, it is a significant question you have asked: “A therapist once told me that we can get stuck in our feelings just as much as in the mind and that feelings too have to be dropped or gone beyond. I often wonder about this as my feelings are usually my guide in life and I feel things very intensely.”

There are three centers from which all your actions come: the head, the heart, and the being. The head is the most superficial. It has to think about things – even if you fall in love the head thinks about it, am I really in love? And if it decides that yes, it seems you are in love, the head is going to propose to the woman, “I think I am in love with you.”

But thinking is base. Man functions from the head. It has its utilities – it has created all the sciences, and all the technologies, and all the nuclear bombs; and perhaps is bringing a global suicide soon.

The woman functions from the heart. She cannot say, “I think I love you.” It has never been heard in the whole history of humanity. She simply says, “I love you.” Thinking plays no part. The heart is enough unto itself; it does not need any help from the head.

If one has to choose between the head and the heart, one should choose the heart, because all the beautiful values of life belong to the heart. The head is a good mechanic, technician, but you cannot live your life joyously just by being a mechanic, a technician, a scientist. The head has no qualities, capacities for joy, for blissfulness, for silence, for innocence, for beauty, for love, for all that makes the life rich – it is the heart.

brings you
from the head,
from the heart,
to the being.

But the therapist who told you was not wrong. You can get stuck in your heart, in your feelings too, just as people get stuck in their thoughts. But perhaps the therapist was himself not aware that there is a deeper center than heart, and that is the being – which has all the qualities of the heart and still more qualities, more riches, more treasures: blissfulness, silence, serenity, centeredness, rootedness, sensitivity, awareness… a certain insight into the godliness of existence.

First drop from your head to your heart. But don’t stop there; it is only an overnight stay, a caravanserai. You can have a little rest there, but it is not the goal. Drop from the heart into the being.

And this is the secret of meditation, that wherever you are – in the head, in the heart – it doesn’t matter, meditation brings you from the head, from the heart, to the being.

Meditation is the way to your own center of existence, where there is no question of getting stuck. You are it. Who is going to get stuck in what? There are not two things, only you – you and your absolute glory.

But Trinda, you are a woman, and naturally afraid that your feelings are your guide in life, and you feel things very intensely. But it is easier to reach to the being from the heart than from the head. You will not lose guidance; in fact you will not need it at all. You will be so full of light, so full of clarity….

Guidance is needed by the blind. You will have new eyes to see – to see even that which is not visible to your ordinary eyes. And you will be able to feel new experiences which are not available even to the heart.

So there is nothing to be worried about. Your worry is simply that of a woman, a natural concern that feelings are your guide and you feel intensely; if you drop them then who will guide you? Then how will you feel things intensely? You don’t know there is still a deeper center in you where guidance is not needed at all, where you are the guide, and where intensity becomes total, one hundred percent. And not only about those things that you have felt in the heart, but about universal experiences of enlightenment, of awakening, of divineness. You will not be a loser; you need not worry at all.

But a woman, after all, is a woman.

I have heard, a group of Jewish women decided to improve their intellectual level. No more talk of mates or children or sons-in-law, but only politics and social questions: Poland, El Salvador, Afghanistan, the bomb. Then one said, “And what about Red China?”

“I love it, I love it!” said Sarah, “Especially on a nice white tablecloth!”

They were trying to be very intellectual about great problems of the world, but when the words “red china” came, immediately the woman asserted – forget all about intellectuality! To a woman, red china means not the Red China that is a problem, but Sarah said, “I love it, I love it! Especially on a nice white tablecloth!”

A man was reading in the newspaper that amongst every five people in the world, one is Chinese.

The wife said, “Then we have to be very alert now. We already have four children, and I don’t want any Chinese to be born to me.”

The woman has her own way of feeling and thinking and looking at things. You became worried, how can you drop your feelings? You need not drop them; you simply learn the art of meditation and they will drop by themselves, just like dry leaves are dropping from the trees. When the wind blows strong… just yesterday I was sitting and the wind was blowing strong, and the dry leaves were showering like rain.

When meditation deepens in you, your thoughts, your feelings, all start disappearing.

Meditation makes you a silent pool without any ripples – so silent that it looks like a mirror; you can see your face. And it takes nothing from your intelligence or from your feelings; it only makes everything more authentic, more real, more total, more pure. Intelligence reaches to its highest peak, just as love reaches to its highest peak.

To know your being and to be centered in your being you have found the meaning of life, you have found the purpose for which you have come here on this planet. The intention of existence is revealed to you.

Socrates has said, “Know thyself.” In those two words are contained all the scriptures of the world.

Osho, The Razor’s Edge, Ch 22, Q 2

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