Japanese Bathrooms

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Visiting a friend in Tokyo a few years ago, I was amazed to see a very functional and clever designed bathroom set in a small space.

Meanwhile even more improvements have been done that are mind boggling! Watch this charming child explain the privacy provided in the bathroom, so that several people can use it at the same time and in particular the very hygienic way to take a bath, viz to have a shower first to get clean (and not soak in one’s dirty bath water), then relax in the bath – and the water can be used by the next person because not only is it clean, the temperature of the bathwater remains constant with a switch of a button!

In case of an emergency – say, an earthquake, you hit the call button on the control panel to alert building security if you live in an apartment. And not only that, you can suck up the reused bathwater to wash your laundry too. Almost forgot, it features a fan that dries your clothes while they hang. Magic!

I predict that after this video, you will be googling for a retailer of said bathrooms in your country!


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