The Forgotten Language of Talking to the Body/Mind

Still Meditations

The last meditation created by Osho – a guided meditation process to heal body/mind.

Body Mind BalancingThis guided meditation is a process of being reminded of a language most of us have forgotten. It’s the language of communicating with your own body.

Communicating with the body, talking to it, listening to its messages has been a well known practice in ancient Tibet.

Modern medical science is only beginning to recognize what the sages and mystics have always known: that the mind and body are not separate entities but deeply related.

The mind can affect the condition of the body, just as the condition of the body can affect the mind.

Osho says,

The body has to be loved – you have to be a great friend.
It is your home, you have to clean it of all junk,
and you have to remember that it is in your service continuously,
day in, day out.
It is doing everything for your survival, for your life,
although you are so ungrateful that you have never even thanked your body.

The meditation, narrated by Ma Deva Anando, lasts one hour and should be done for seven days preferable early morning. It is done in silence, sitting or lying down. You first reconnect with your body/mind, making friends with it, and then start a healing process by communicating with your unconscious. Of this meditative therapy Osho points out that it can be used for weight control, for dealing with migraines and any other body aches and pains or for anything in the body which is out of natural balance.

It is about making friends with yourself, with your body and also with your mind. You will become aware of how your mind, its thoughts and feelings, express themselves through your body. Pain, diseases, addictions (eating too much, alcohol, sugar, etc..) will be dealt with and can be healed. It is a chance to mobilize your self-healing energies and to relax deeply with in your self.

“…you are more than the body and there is no need to have any attachment. But love is not an attachment, compassion is not an attachment. Love and compassion are absolutely needed for your body and its nourishment. And the better body you have, the more is the possibility for growing consciousness. It is an organic unity.”

Quotes by Osho from Om Shantih Shantih Shantih, Ch 27, Q 1

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