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Kaiyum replies to the invitation in our last newsletter.

Revamping the reason why

There are those who retire on a comfortable pension and start travelling or looking after their garden. Well, I never had much of a pension to look forward to anyway and since I’ve travelled so much in the past, I’m very happy to slow things down. Life is exciting just in one place!

I’ve even done away with my car, a cherished Volvo V70 diesel automatic.

Small Dutch and Danish pensions and pittances from the UK and the USA are insufficient to cover my expenses. So I continue to make myself available for whatever professional and incidental jobs I can get: a coaching session, a presentation workshop, a health consultation. It no longer matters, so long as it feels right.


From a neighbour with hens, I get free eggs; in return she gets some vegetables from my garden or something creative that I’ve cooked. In the nearby town (I live in a village) I get my delicious Dutch cheese in return for writing the shop’s marketing texts. An old neighbour even paid me for cutting her hedge!


I continue to publish 6-7 times a month in English and Dutch. Whereas I used to get paid for my articles, now it’s just a question of enjoying the writing, as I certainly do when writing for Osho News. And my other articles, like my Blog postings and my professional Facebook page (‘David Bloch – Executive Coach’), contribute to healthy Google ratings and are a form of marketing.

eLearning Programme

Recently I was approached to write and present an on-line English-language presentation training. Although I’d written and starred in a successful 3-part video in Dutch some 20 years ago, this was a new and interesting challenge. It had, after all, to fit into an existing format, with short videos (more than 30) and supporting texts and assignments. The project culminated in two long studio sessions, coinciding with my 66th birthday, when I recorded all the scripts. The programme was launched in February 2015.

Watch on Vimeo


Unlocking the secrets of programs like iMovie and GarageBand seem to be part of recent activities, to the extent that I am frequently asked to both record and edit clips. And because so many people these days no longer seem to be able to write good English or Dutch, I am often chartered to edit and clean up texts.

One thing is for sure, the stricture ‘only do what is fun to do’ certainly applies. Having not so long ago created a PDF cookery book in English – a compilation of what I was cooking anyway – I recently expanded my skills by volunteer work in the professional kitchen of a large centre in Germany (link to one of my own clips) where courses are offered and people hang out and do volunteer work (‘seva’) as they put their lives together.

Here-now satisfaction

Following the ‘fun factor’ and basically, as Osho tells us, saying YES! to life, is a great way of making the most and the best of these precious years of my life, where wisdom and compassion replace knowledge and ego and where it’s easier than ever to live in gratitude in the here-now.

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