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The recent events might be the moment in mankind’s evolution to cast aside separation and become aware of the oneness we embody.

Unparalleled since World War II, thousands upon thousands of migrants and refugees have entered Europe over the last few weeks, mainly coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea. They have braved incredible hardship, have shown tremendous courage and endurance. They have faced death by drowning while crossing from Turkey to Greece, from Libya to Italy, they experienced resistance and barbed wire at the Hungarian border, death in unventilated and abandoned trucks in Austria, pouring rain and early cold spells – yet they continue to march on in the hope to reach Germany, England, Sweden.

They were welcomed and helped in countries such as Austria and Germany, where as many as ten thousand arrive every day. The human flood is expected to continue as people flee their war-torn countries where they no longer feel they have a future to live a humane life.

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According to a statement by the IOM (International Organization for Migration) on September 11, 2015,  423,781 migrants (including refugees seeking asylum in the European Union) have made the journey across the Mediterranean so far this year; the number is almost twice the 219,000 figure for all of 2014. Most of the arrivals in 2015 were registered in Greece, with 309,356 people. The next top destination was Italy, with 121,139. A total of 2,748 migrants have died so far in 2015 while trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Incredible scenes of solidarity took place at Munich’s main train station, where local people lined up with clothes, food, water, toys for the children and placards, welcoming the refugees. Throngs of people joined marches and vigils across Europe on Saturday in a show of solidarity with the crowds of refugees seeking sanctuary from conflict in Syria and elsewhere.

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A Facebook page has been set up for a ‘European Day of Action for Refugees’ and events were being staged in countries from Denmark, Austria and Romania to Greece, Finland and France. The Facebook page states:

“We can’t continue to allow thousands to die trying to reach Europe as they search for safety, hope and the chance to live another day. We can’t stay silent anymore as our politicians and the media are stigmatizing these men, women and children as threats and burdens. We can’t let our governments close all our borders and build fences to keep people in need out. That’s not what Europe should be about.”

Migrants have also received much support from the public in London where people marched for ‘Solidarity with Refugees’ through central London to Downing Street where Prime Minister David Cameron said after much public pressure that Britain would take in up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five year.

This does fall a bit short compared to German Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s statement that Germany will accept 800,000 refugees this year alone, and 500,000 annually going forward. French President Francois Hollande said France is ready to take on 24,000 over the next two years.

Merkel also published a podcast supporting especially female migrants, many of whom had arduous experiences, suggesting not to isolate themselves but to learn German and connect with others. She said, “I believe there are many possibilities and initiatives in Germany that look forward to any woman who stretches out her feelers. So, I say: Be brave.”

Osho speaks again and again about the need to dissolve borders and nations:

And particularly in the modern age to talk of East and West is sheer crap. The globe is one. For the first time this beautiful phenomenon has happened in the world: we are global, we are universal. Nations are just hangovers, just hangovers from the past – old habits that die hard. And because old habits die hard, man is suffering unnecessarily.

Now science and technology have made it possible that no human being should have to remain in a kind of semi-starvation. But the old boundaries of the nations are preventing it. If people are poor in the world now it is not because methods are not available to help them but because of the nations and the states and the political boundaries. Man is capable enough now to make this whole earth a paradise, but politicians won’t allow it. The one thing that the new generation has to do sooner or later – and the sooner the better – is to dissolve nations.

We need one world, and that one world will be the answer to many questions and many problems.

Poverty can disappear immediately if the world is taken as a whole and if all that man has invented, discovered, is used. Otherwise poverty cannot disappear; it is going to persist. Illness can disappear from the world, man can become healthier and healthier; all the means are available, just the old rotten mind goes on clinging.

Osho, The Secret of Secrets Vol. 1, Ch 16, Q 1

Article by Bhagawati

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