Total Laughter: A Rare Phenomenon

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Osho on Laughter

Total laughter is a rare phenomenon. When each cell of your body laughs, when each fibre of your being pulsates with joy, then it brings a great relaxation. There are a few activities which are immensely valuable; laughter is one of those activities. Singing and dancing, are also of the same quality, but laughter is the quickest. Dancing you will have to learn; it may take years. Singing is a talent; it may not be possible for you. […]

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Dancing, singing, laughing — of these three, laughter is the most simple, the most natural and the most spontaneous phenomenon. You don’t want to learn, you don’t need to learn — it is a natural gift. Everybody can laugh. And what happens when you laugh totally? What happens when you dance totally? The dancer disappears in a total dance. That’s my definition of the total dance: the dancer disappears, dissolves; only the dancing remains. When there is only dancing and no dancer, this is the ultimate of meditation — the taste of nectar, bliss, God, truth, ecstasy, freedom, freedom from the ego, freedom from the doer. And when there is no ego, no doer, and the dance is going on and there is no dancer, a great witnessing arises, a great awareness like a cloud of light surrounding you. You are watching it, you can see it happen. You are not the doer; it is happening on its own. God has taken possession of you. That’s exactly the meaning of possession: when the ego is no longer there, God immediately enters and takes possession of you. You become a vehicle, a passage, a medium, a hollow bamboo, and on the lips of the whole the hollow bamboo becomes a flute.

In laughter it happens more easily because it needs no talent, no learning, no discipline — unless you are a born donkey, and that’s another matter. Laughter is simple — but let it be total. It has been crippled. Society has stopped you from going totally into it. If you go into a total laughter people think it is hysterical. It is not, it is historical!

Osho, Come, Come, Yet Again Come, Ch 10

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