‘Matamua’ from Illumination of the Heart


The first track from Chaitanya’s (aka Georg Deuter) latest album.

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The album ‘Illumination of the Heart’ ranked on Billboard’s Top 10 New Age Albums in September 2015.

Chaitanya (aka Georg Deuter) composed the music and plays, also in this new album, an array of instruments, including the flute, keyboard, cello, piano and guitar, all magically interwoven. In addition, he uses his own voice as an extra tool. Each track leads to the next in a crescendo of musical landscapes that brings a sense of blissful serenity.

Chaitanya says, “My music is a continuous movement towards silence.” (“Meine Musik ist eine dauernde Annäherung an die Stille.”)

Remaining tracks are called:

Moon and Earth
Stern an Stern
Coucher de Lune
Schein und Widerschein
Desert Dream Green

Listen to (and by mp3) on: deuter.bandcamp.com

Links to purchase in different formats: newearthrecords.com

Chaitanya TNMeditation music and Chaitanya Hari (aka Deuter) are synonymous; he has since long been recognised as the founder of New Age music and has become a legend among meditation and music lovers alike. Born in Germany, he nowadays lives in New Mexico in a sanctuary tucked away among a forest where he creates music with instruments from all over the world. Loving nature, he also is a beekeeper; he describes himself as a hermit/monk/wolf living in the wild. newearthrecords.com

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