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Ageh Bharti remembers Osho explaining the nature of the work to volunteers at the meditation camp in Nargol, Gujarat, in 1968.

In those days before neo-sannyas was introduced, Osho himself conducted all meditation camps. One day, during the three-day camp, Osho held a separate meeting with those who had been working for him.

Osho Camp Nargol

Osho spoke on the various problems they encountered and discussed how the work could be accomplished without much ado.

He explained, “Firstly we should understand the nature of work, and then only can we act rightly. For example, one friend who is present here at the camp came to see me but he was refused from meeting me by the secretary because I was asleep. Later I learned that this friend got hurt and was crying.

“Now, if an individual gets hurt, my very purpose of being ‘here’ gets defeated because my work here is ‘love’. I know the difficulties of workers also. Doing this, doing that, attending to this, attending to that – they too get tired. However, the same thing can be managed lovingly. If it had been explained to the friend that I was tired and sleeping and asked if he could come sometime later – then I don’t think that the man, who had so much love for me and wept because he could not see me, would have wanted me to be woken up. He would certainly not have liked to wake me up but he would have gone back satisfied.

“So, in such cases, you should put the responsibility on the visitor who has come to meet. [The worker/secretary should give an option to the visitor.] And if he still insists to meet, then I should be made to get up otherwise there is no sense of my being here.

“It is certain that a group of workers is bound to gather near me. It is necessary too. If nobody gathers then my very existence would be difficult. Hence, you have to be more aware. If someone goes away unhappy, it’s always the mistake of the worker.”

Hearing this, many friends – including the friend from Jabalpur who was refused to meet Osho – burst out in tears and started to sob. I also wept and felt very deeply that Osho is Love.

Ageh Bharti

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