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Upadhi answers the question if we need protection.

At the start of my exploration into subtle energies and the auric body I used and taught different methods for energy cleansing and energy protection. But over the years I became aware of two aspects: on the one side I questioned the real influence of energies coming from the outside and their effects on us and on the other side the tensions that the continuous thought that we need protection was creating. That tension, fuelled by the idea that there are some ‘enemies out there’ and that we need to defend ourselves, created the psychic tendency to look outside, diverting energy that could otherwise have moved inward.

rose to the occasion

The realisation that there is nothing to lose and nothing to defend is, at this point of my inner journey, the shooting arrow. Osho was the most vulnerable person I have met in my life and that very vulnerability made him the strongest person I’ve known.

Centering and acceptance are the two main ‘weapons’ that I use and that I see have amazing results within and without. Through centering and acceptance, trust is amplified and the energy flows naturally. If something touches me, it is an opportunity for me to look inside and inquire how the ego tries to defend itself.

Nevertheless, I use two methods that are very easy and do not create the tension that I was talking about. The first, which is room cleansing, received the OK from Osho at the time we worked at the Mystery School.


Cleansing of a room

Each place has its own and different energy because of various reasons: geophysical location, presence of particular people, such as an enlightened person or a group of people who meditate together, or past events. It is clear that the environment affects us at an energetic level.

Particular shapes of buildings also have different energy qualities: e.g. temples have vault structures and circular plans in order to exploit this effect. A high ceiling like that of a Gothic cathedral lifts our energy towards the sky; a circular seating like that in a chapter charges the individuals seated around the periphery; a crypt invites to introspection and devotion.

There are some places that, besides the shape, have an energy that can make us feel at ease and other places that don’t. While shopping at a Mall, after some time, we can feel heavy and be short of breath; that’s the lack of prana and fresh air. In a hospital the energy is different in the maternity ward from that in the oncology ward, and in a room where there have been heavy discussions or where pain was expressed, this energy can remain in the atmosphere.

Five-pointed blue starThen there are particular building materials, like marble which preserves energy up to 2000 years; that’s why samadhis, tombs and mausoleums are built in marble. There is also a difference between being and working in a closed space or in the open. Closed places keep the energy. That is why for example, a prana treatment is done in a room and not in the open.

Here below is an exercise how we can harmonise the energy of a room or clear the energy between sessions.

  • Stand in front of a wall and visualise a ball of white light shining on your head.
  • Imagine it on or inside your third eye (6th chakra).
  • Visualise it descending from the 6th to the 5th, 4th, 3rd,2nd,1st chakra, and finally to your feet.
  • Imagine that a flux of white energy wraps you like a geyser and, going out of your head, reaches the ceiling and spreads along the walls.
  • Visualise a five-pointed blue star (one of the points is in the middle on top) on a wall.
  • Turn to the right and visualise the star on each wall until you come to the initial position.
  • Visualise the star on the ceiling and on the floor.
  • Now the room is full of white shining light with blue stars on the walls, ceiling and floor. The room is now sealed. If you wish, you can invite an enlightened master to enter.

In a flat we would start cleansing one room at a time; after one is done we proceed to clean the next room.

Discharge clogged-up energy in your body

Here is another technique to clean oneself when we feel ‘clogged up’ and somehow uncomfortable with electromagnetic energies:

  • Bend over and place both hands flat on the floor.
  • Breathe into the hara (your belly) and, while straightening up, lightly stroke your body with your hands. When they reach above your head move the fingers as if you were trying to catch something in the air.
  • Breathe out deeply while you bend again and put your hands on the floor.
  • Repeat this sequence three times in total.

Article by Upadhi
Illustration (‘rose to the occasion’) by Bill Brouard from Visual Alchemy © Copyright 2015 –

UpadhiUpadhi (aka Rita Maggi) has been Osho’s disciple since 1980. In Pune she was part of the Mystery School and was leading workshops and trainings, followed by studies at the Osho Academy in Sedona. Upadhi is the founder of Olos Academy and teaches workshops for personal growth and leads the training course for Energetic Awareness O.P.H. She currently teaches in Italy (also at Osho Miasto), Brazil, China and Taiwan.

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