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Nirada reviews David Carse’s book – in which he refers to his former illusory sense of identity as ‘the david thing’.

Perfect Brilliant StillnessBeats me that anyone still in their right mind should attempt to write a review about something that cannot be written about or understood from within the perspective of this actually wrong mind. But since I was asked, this is it, including the above…

On the third read now, have rarely read anything once let alone three times! The best I can do seems to offer a few quotes because David Carse speaks from there where most folks who will read his words are still striving for all the while living in the very firm conviction of a non-existent imaginary separate person self that the upanishads, advaita vedanta as well as the neo-advaita, non-duality circuit of satsangs, webinars, youtubes, books, calendars and postcards address with so much loving kindness….

In David’s own words:

There are many books out there
that will help you to live a better life,
become a better person, and evolve and
grow to realize your full potential as a spiritual being.
This is not one of them.

He also states,

“This book will tell you that these ideas are absurd, because it’s quite obvious that neither you nor anything else has ever existed.

“In addition, if you do find yourself interested, and are able to see past the words to understand at least some of what they point to, you are likely to find it quite disturbing. Few people buy books on spirituality to be deeply disturbed, so consider yourself forwarned.

“And finally, if you read it anyway and what is hinted at resonates and is by some remote chance followed to its end, then that will likely also be the end of you. So again, a warning. With any luck, you will not come back from this with a life you can call your own, ‘you’ will not come back at all.”

So maybe some words are required in-between the real stuff because this is supposed to be a ‘review’… but you’re gonna have to get this book yourself. Nothing but clever words and phrases might be said about it and even with a lot of skill they couldn’t come close to conveying “what happened in the jungle.”

Suffice it to say there is a strange urge to keep sitting with this extraordinary blue book in hand…

“… Perfect Brilliant Stillness outpouring constantly…”


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