In Love with Trees


A slideshow of Berthold Kusy’s photos.



Grand street theater
I love to cycle, the whole year round. On a winter’s day I rode to my doctor. It was windy and the road was gray, wet and dusted with snow. When I got to the street where the surgery was, a vast white scene came into view, like a painting or a stage scene created by existence; thick snow everywhere and ice crystals hanging from the trees. The doctor was open and friendly as was his fine employee.

Outside my window there is a square. Not so long ago there stood a large green tree. Home of many birds. In autumn, it shed its coloured, fugitive leaves decorating the grass like a painting. I have seen red leaves on its left side and on the other, green leaves. Nearby on the left there was another tree covered in red leaves. One day they cut the green tree and some time later a windstorm come up and the red tree fell – exactly in the direction where the cut tree had been.

I had a small flat on top of a hill across from a lake. One winter morning the valley was totally white from so much snow. I took my bicycle to see more of this beauty. An adventure. It looked as if I was alone; still early morning in this silent, new urban agglomeration. I didn’t know if it is possible to cycle through the thick snow. It was not easy. I had to pedal hard with powerful strokes. It was wonderful. After a while I started to laugh, more and more. It felt like oneness inside. When I was three quarters around the lake – the sun was shining – I came across a round space on the ground without snow; in the middle of the circle there was a tree with singing birds. The tree was also without snow, in this white valley. It looked surreal. This happened years ago but I will never forget this day.


Berthold KusyBerthold Kusy studied Visual Communications in Germany. He was self-employed and worked as a freelancer for 10 years. At the present moment he is unemployed. He is an avid reader of our magazine.

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