Definitely not the retiring type!

Not the Retiring Type

Shazar, aged 67, is active in India: working at a children’s shelter and engaged with an Australian foundation to harvest water.

This is my by-line these days: Spiritual Activist, Health Facilitator and Transformational Educator, Writer.

I have been and still am an inveterate traveller loving to dig into different cultures, find out what others eat, how they tick, who they are right at the grass-roots level.

Also, I have become passionate in my quest to support our Mother Earth and for the past six years have been immersed in working with 120 children at the Shikshangram Shelter for Kids, India. Very close to Pune.

Meditation silent phase Shazar


I love to write, to take photos, to swim in the ocean (but not in India) and dive deeply into discussions on the meaning of life.

Life is for living, for dancing – for cooking – for reading great works, for discovering inspiring thoughts. Give me a challenge – especially one which can make a difference in this crazy world we live in – and I shall do my best to step up to the line.

Being the light rather than seeking the light is what I strive for each day. Thanks to Osho for that – you gave me so much! And that insight is the cream of the crop!

In the past couple of years I have also started working with water harvesting to help the plight of the farmers in the eastern area of Maharashtra. We built a check dam last March and intend to build more. I will lead a fundraising for building another dam in December 2015 in form of an eco-sustainability journey.

During the construction of the last one I lived in the village with a local family. It was an amazing experience and I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I have had in the past years. If anyone would like to join me in this journey of life and living, come with me!

You can see more about the upcoming journey at (for contact form scroll to the end).

Text by Shazar Robinson

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