Kumquat Cheesecake


Punya presents Hella’s delicious recipe.

Every once in a while my neighbour Hella invites a few (mostly German-speaking) ‘gals’ to a ‘Kaffeekränzchen’. For this occasion she usually bakes three or four cakes and one kind of muffin. She then lets us decide which one is the best (although it would suffice to see the empty tray at the end of the party…). The bestseller was a kumquat cheesecake the first time she made it and has been ever since. Here is the recipe for the coffee and cake get-togethers in our wordwide neighbourhood.

Kumquat Cheesecake


8-10 kumquats – purée them, but keep one for decoration
three oranges (juice)
sugar or syrup or stevia (to taste)
fresh grated ginger (optional)
300 g yogurt or whipping cream or yogurt mixed with cream
agar-agar to make it cut-resistant (follow instructions on packet, approx 2 tsp)

Shortcrust pastry

250 g flour (wheat or dinkel or any combination)
65 g sugar or sweetener of your choice
1 pinch of salt
1 egg
125 g butter


Crust: rub the butter into the flour and the other ingredients. Lightly knead the dough. Let the mixture rest in a cool place for about an hour. Press into the baking form (approx 28 cm across).

Bake for approx 20-25 min at 180-200 degrees C. Let cool.

Pour the filling onto the cold crust, decorate with thin slices of kumquat.

Refrigerate and cut before serving.

Recipe by Hella

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