Gyan Vishal


…left his body on 3rd November 2015.

Vishal 8 Jan 2014

Gyan Vishal was born in Mie Prefecture, Japan on 19th October 1942 and became a professor in mathematics.

In the mid-90’s he took sannyas in Pune and since then spent most of his time there. He loved meditation; he was seen meditating a few hours daily at the water harp in Meera or doing whirling. He loved animals; he fed the cats around the Resort and in his building society. Vishal was generous and often gave gifts to people.

Since some time he had kidney and heart problems. The cremation was held in Pune at the burning ghats near the Resort.


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A safe journey, dear Vishal. I remember you so well from workshops you attended in the 90-ies in Pune. Your innocence and silence and your shy smiles touched my heart. Sending you love and light,

I will miss you. Thank you for being in my life!

Very quiet presence, always walking with a cushion to go to Vipassana, or taking your bicycle. We never talked, but I have noticed you well. Fly high!

Vishal, thank you!
Piyusha Parween

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