Three Lyrical Years So Far, in Hebden Bridge

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Madhuri is certainly not retiring either…

When I had brain surgery, in 2003, I felt that I was now retired from my running-around-the-world-giving-groups-and-sessions life, as the way I was working had been too hard on my body. I had thought that in retirement all sorts of social joys as well as creative ones would occur. But there were no social joys in the USA, and my healthy lifestyle meant I soon had energy longing to be shared.

Soon after that I began to be asked for the new types of sessions that had been coming about through the changes in my own inner work. Then Skype happened, and my current career has just grown from there. I have absolutely no desire to retire now – quite the contrary; I look at things in terms of “how many cognizant years have I got left in which to produce my books?” The financial part: I simply refuse to worry about this – I retired without a cent and just wait for things to somehow happen. So far, so good.



I turned 63 last August. I love the town where I live: Hebden Bridge, in the Pennines north of Manchester, England. It’s Alternative, couched in a wooded valley below the wild moors; romantic. I’m Angel Whisperer for His Lordship (my boss/client) – a sort of on-call metaphysical therapist, with all my tools about me. I also do lots of Skype sessions for people all over: Human Design, tarot, SourceHealing; and I do channeling and Distance Healing as well.

But last week I also realized, loud and clear, that I’m born to perform poetry. I go to an open mic once a month, but I want more. (I recently made 185 videos.) I write, and have always written, constantly – poetry and prose. And also sometimes I have great painting-and-greeting-card-making orgies, all by myself, that go on for weeks. I often sew vintage 60’s lace on my garments in the evening while listening to an audio book.

I myself am stuffed with books that are trying to get out – 21 at last count – and am focusing mostly on three of them, with incursions by another here and there. The rest of them are piles of paper (for these books are mostly already written, just not typed and/or organized, edited, etc.) each rigorously placed in shelves, calling out to me night and day.

In Human Design terms I’m a Motorless Splenic Projector with Genius-Freak and Channel of Perfected Form, so I function through Invitation – and that’s certainly how my life has unfolded – including meeting Osho. So I don’t know what the next adventure will be…. I’m a sort of Mojudette in that way, and I often remember that Osho mentioned me in that discourse – so I remind myself it’s just fine that I simply not know!

I discovered a swing-set on a green in a tiny village on the moor up the hill from my house. I love to tramp up there over the slanted fields and sit in a swing, and fly up and back, up and back… so releasing, like being a ship on the sea, or a bird in the sky… and look out over the fabulous view, which is all hills and fields and trees; only beauty, beauty – and I’m so grateful that that’s the sort of view I get to look at.

Text by Madhuri, October 2015

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