Saturn Neptune Square November 2015 – 2016


Another in-depth guide by our astrologer Sitara.

In November 2015, an important new constellation has formed in the sky that will accompany us until next autumn.

Saturn Neptune

The planets involved are fundamentally different from the two that marked the years since 2012: Uranus and Pluto. Their great time is now at an end.

As a reminder I quote from the Uranus-Pluto-Pdf:

A meeting of these two forces will change the world radically, most of all, however, it will change our internal world radically. Changes come about quite suddenly, unexpectedly, and are astounding, fundamental, radical and groundbreaking. It is about radically questioning ideas and concepts, about rigorously untying emotional entanglements, about cutting fixations, overthrowing tyrants (internal as external), about breaking taboos as well as about the readiness to stand up for our own truth without compromise.

… a thrilling changeful time, full of surprises and mindboggling turns. Whoever goes into it openly and flexibly will be richly rewarded. Security and consistency, however, will be available only for those who are ready to let go the known and search for what conforms to their very own insight – even if it contradicts all former experiences and understandings.

Whoever does not face up to necessary breakdowns, or resists necessary breakthroughs, is in for a hard time since whatever we do to retain the status quo is condemned to failure. Transformation is on. We can try to make this transition take a form that is as positive as possible for all concerned, but by no means can we prevent it. The greater our readiness to embrace change, the easier this time will be for us, and the less likely it will be for destructive alterations to be forced upon us. Pluto and Uranus do not have to use a sledgehammer to teach that times have changed to those who voluntarily modify their habits here and there, take an interest in new things, strike new paths, or welcome new people and situations into their lives.

Typically connected with Uranus and Pluto is great unrest and again and again new, extreme, often explosive-violent events. Uranus’ energy can be likened to high voltage electrical energy, in particular in conjunction with Pluto. Naturally this triggers spectacular events. By contrast, Neptune and Saturn appear almost harmless. But one mustn’t be deceived by appearances. Neptune’s energy is like the energy of water – it acts, particularly in conjunction with Saturn, comprehensively, fundamentally and is almost invincible. Even so it is not possible to assess the scope of its consequences for the individual as Neptune is always associated with something enigmatic and mysterious. Therefore, the developments associated with the Saturn-Neptune square (which, as most will easily recognize, have already begun) are often more frightening than the massive Uranus-Pluto turmoils.

The effect of Uranus and Pluto is radical, revolutionary and recognizable for everyone. Both have certain similarities, but for all those who understand something about astrology, it is obvious that Saturn and Neptune have nothing, absolutely nothing, in common. How do these two forces act together? Neptune tends to be the stronger force: whatsoever Saturn wants to constitute, Neptune dissolves; whatsoever Saturn wants to structure thoroughly, Neptune will mess up; and what Saturn has clearly and thoroughly analysed, is doubted by Neptune. But Saturn is tenacious and will bring its strengths again and again into play. This is also necessary because what Neptune wants to sweep under the carpet, Saturn brings to the table. What Neptune denies, Saturn calls with clear words. Where Neptune surrenders defencelessly to his own and collective moods, Saturn asks for reason and self-discipline; where Neptune weasels out, Saturn calls for responsibility. We can therefore now count on ceaseless comings and goings of these two, equally important, qualities.

They seem to face each other contrarily and yet both are only players in the great play of life and ensure in their own way that it continues. In fact, life itself consists of the two qualities: Everything that establishes itself will someday pass away. But nothing that has passed is ever completely gone; it has not taken leave from the play of life. Only its form has dissolved. From the elements of the dissolved arises inevitably at some point a new form, giving itself to life.

Changes are the nature of our reality. But where Uranus-Pluto changes are more like a nuclear explosion, volcanic eruption or an earthquake, Saturn-Neptune can be compared to a landslide, a flood, a fall into the abyss or an inescapable whirlpool. As threatening as it may seem to us now, as wonderful it may also be. Seemingly fixed situations dissolve – which for some is a deliverance, for others a disaster. In itself, it is neither, but a sign of vitality – a vitality that also includes decay and death as creative expressions. Although the changes are immense – inevitably, inexorably and irreversibly – their tremendous strength shows only gradually.

In order to recognize that one can survive even Saturn-Neptune constellations unscathed, we look into the past. The now incipient Saturn-Neptune-square originated in the conjunction of the two planets in 1989/90, when not only the German reunification took place, but the entire communist Eastern Bloc disintegrated into its components. The result was an enormous transformation of the world in a very short period of time. In addition, gigantic illusions about opportunities opening up in a united (capitalist Western) world – where all that which could not fit into this picture, was blanked out – to wit the entire rest of humanity. The fact that the own history will catch up with those who have not worked on it, was not cautioned by anybody at the time.

With Neptune there’s always the moment of “deception” present – one figures out things to fit into one’s own concepts. How smugly did the West Germans observe the ‘poor Ossis’ (poor East German people) when they showed them what the West had created. And how befogged were the East Germans of the new opportunities that apparently opened up for them. The process of disillusionment accompanies not only Germany, but all of humanity until the next conjunction of the two planets, which will be in 2026. Above all, in the next 10 years it is to bring about a possibly successful reconciliation between the two planetary energies.

Incidentally, with this square it is very likely to turn out that the subject of communism can’t be ticked off just yet – for the downside of capitalism has shown itself in recent years and will show itself also very clearly this year. Since no one will want a return to a controlled economy, other models will be discussed more seriously, ones that have been dismissed as crazy ideas of a few strays – for example, decentralized energy supply models, alternative and parallel currencies, or an unconditional basic income.

On a personal level

Global events are often overwhelming for individuals, and rarely can more than a small impulse in a creative direction be given. With Neptune-Saturn, however, we are challenged to really engage ourselves, because only to dream of something better is not sufficient for Saturn. He wants to see practical steps. Yet only practical steps are not enough for Neptune. He wants ideals – of boundlessness, unity, unconditional love. In turn, such ideals will make Saturn undergo a sober examination to give them a solid foundation and sustainability. Neptune then watches out that out of sheer pragmatism and sobriety the original vision doesn’t go to the dogs. For more commitment for the big picture and our own values and ideals, we will not get around this constellation – on whatever level.

Like all constellations, also this one relates to both the collective as well as our personal lives, and often both are inseparable. So it’s worth a look into one’s own past. What was going on in my life in 1989-90? What began at the time? And how was it in 1998/99 during the first Saturn Neptune square of this cycle? And in 2006/07 during the opposition? Many will be able to recognize a path of development, when during those years something old was dissolved and something new began – ideally every time towards something even better. The area in which something new appeared depends on one’s individual horoscope. However, it is quite likely that it was at least partly about spiritual developments and that in each case some illusions went down the drain.

In 2015 and 16 a further decisive step is on the agenda. Those who moved too far into the Saturnian world, who placed their main emphasis on security, tangibility and realism, need a Neptunian counterweight. Those taking the restricted world of matter at face value, limit themselves unnecessarily and must catch the wind again. The narrow limits of “I” and “mine” are to be expanded and maybe even totally called into question how it can be done on the spiritual path: the path from the identity with the body and spirit towards the discovery of the true self, beyond body and mind, even beyond birth and death. A typical manifestation with a strong Saturn-fixation is the feeling of helplessness, coupled with the desperate attempt to get things under control. The right direction: letting go of one’s own ideas and standards by recognizing that one is bound by natural laws – and never can they all be brought under control.

Maybe one has also gotten lost in the Neptunian world. Its negative expressions consist mainly in self-deception, irresponsibility, lies, addictions or unrealistic hopes of paradisiacal conditions. Winning the lottery, the dream of the great love, the desired career breakthrough or the miraculous awakening experience that suddenly ends all suffering – all this needs Saturn’s critical view as a counterweight. Only with its sober assessment and readiness for patient and disciplined deployment is it possible to create a healthy foundation from which genuine happiness and true spiritual fulfillment can emerge. Typical expression of a too strong Neptune fixation is the feeling of distress, coupled with the wish that everything should solve itself without having to contribute anything by oneself. One feels too transparent, too sensitive, too disoriented to handle anything. The right direction: self-discipline. Taking responsibility for what one wants and be committed to all the consequences that may possibly come up. Stay tuned, especially if it is uncomfortable and shelve all spiritual-sounding excuses. (Preferred excuses: ‘If it does not come by itself, it is not happening,’ or ‘existence / god / angel / higher self will deal with it.’)

The Key

We find a key to overcome the current Saturn-Neptune square challenges in the signs that both presently occupy. Saturn passes through Sagittarius, Neptune through Pisces. These two signs, although quite different, have something in common: Both are linked by their special relationship to Jupiter – the planet that aspires to broaden the horizon, for fulfilment, wisdom, justice; Jupiter, who trusts life because he simply knows that it is good to simply give one’s best. So he gives his best, is generous and good, accepts responsibility and forgives those who are less blessed with confidence and therefore less broad-minded.

Jupiter is therefore the answer to the many questions that arise with Saturn-Neptune. The so frequent feeling during Saturn-Neptune of being a victim is counterbalanced by Jupiter’s knowledge about the responsibility for one’s own life, and that nobody should be unburdened from it – because this would ultimately weaken and not strengthen. The feeling of dejection, of powerlessness and confusion, of anxiety and weakness, of sadness or guilt, is countered by Jupiter with a radiant smile, because he is in contact with his heart and appreciates the good which he recognizes in even the most difficult situations.

Jupiter is the mediator between the two conflicting planetary energies, because Sagittarius as well as Pisces always focus on the larger context in which they operate. Saturn’s fixation on duty and order can gradually relax in the expanse of Sagittarius and confide in a higher order. At the same time Jupiter absolutely recognizes the rules that apply in this world, trying to make the best of it – while Neptune would prefer to undermine them totally. Neptune’s unrestrained and undignified descent into chaos, inebriation and anarchy, because one anyway has no hope from life as such, gains some reality through Jupiter’s co-regency in Pisces. Jupiter cherishes growth and prosperity as well as values and the highest truth.

We cope with the Saturn-Neptune influence by accepting life in its apparent inconsistency and flow with it. This is possible when we realize through Jupiter the wealth that lies in the constant kaleidoscopic resolution and reformation of structures. To create new structures with Saturn, is a creative act. Likewise, to dissolve them again with Neptune if they no longer serve their purpose.

Sitara for Osho News

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