The Glass Eye


A man with a glass eye has the burning desire to be able to see again with both eyes.

On his latest visit, the surgeon makes him great hopes: “With the present state of modern medicine, this can be easily accomplished. All you need to do is find a donor who gives you one eye.”

On the way driving home, the one-eyed man is overtaken by a madly speeding motorist. Three curves further up the road the sports car slams into a tree. The car is a smouldering wreck and the driver is dead.

The one-eyed man quickly recognises his chance to get hold of a new eye. He pulls out his Swiss Army knife, makes one cut, takes out the eye, pops his glass eye into the eye socket of the dead victim and rushes back to the clinic.

There, the transplant works to everyone’s satisfaction. The next day the dressing is removed and the patient is happy to see again with both eyes. He reaches for the newspaper and reads the headline:

“Police are baffled. Sports car driver with two glass eyes found dead after a serious accident…”


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