Priya reads one of her poems.





at any moment
it may all collapse

the economy, icebergs, fragile peace
best be ready, I practice endings

write my memorial poem
prepare my husband’s eulogy

even as he sits beside me
full bodied, content.

all this dwelling

on the utter beauty
of a trillion snowflakes
blown from their nighttime perch

caught by dawn’s first orange

the luxury of an empty day unfurling
a carpet to ride or lounge upon
like a cat

the shadows of the deer moving over
the white field at full moon

I could go on, and on

tell me, how else can we open our eyes
but by knowing that soon enough

they will close.

Poem by Priya Huffman from her book ‘Bone and Breath’


Priya HuffmanPriya Huffman – author of ‘The Territory of Home’ and of ‘Bone and Breath’.

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