…left her body on 7th April 2016.

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Nishtha Buurman was born in 1947 in Rheden, Netherlands and took sannyas in 1994.

For many years she worked as a house- and centre-caretaker in Ibiza, for two decades her chosen power spot on this planet! She was involved in the Osho Information Center, run by Dassana and Eshwari, Sa Tanqueta and recently took care of the wonderful Shunya Center, run by Om Karar and Sabera.

Nishtha was a Holistic, Intuitive and Polarity massage therapist, and became an Arun-practioner in 1998. She was also a Reiki Master.

She left her body peacefully in Ibiza at Can Misses Hospital in the presence of her two sons who had flown in to be at her side. Nishta was diagnosed with advanced cancer, almost free of symptoms, only two months ago.

Nishtha was always full of life and her smile touched everyone’s heart.

Text and photos credit to Anasha, Karar and Sabera.


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My beloved Nishtha, Since I left for South Africa, we haven’t met. I thought of you just a few days ago and wondered how you were doing. Your body has left, I am touched. Rest in peace, my friend.

Beloved Mishtha – met you in November 2015 last time in Berlin. We had a wonderful time at Rigpa Center. Thank you for being my friend. Fly high little angel and rest a while before you come back. Love,

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