America Is Barbarious


Two quotes by Osho about John F. Kennedy.

America is one of the most cultured, and the latest country in the world, with a small history of three hundred years. But in three hundred years, twenty percent of America’s presidents have been assassinated. Just that fact shows that America is barbarious. And strange to say that the twenty percent who have been assassinated include the best presidents America had – Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy. They do not assassinate phony characters like Jimmy Carter, and they will not assassinate Ronald Reagan. They fit with them. They are as much retarded as the common masses are. (1)

Osho 44

The [Indian] government should start weeding out politicians and bringing in geniuses who would not come to politics on their own; they have to be invited.

That’s what Kennedy did in America. When he became president, that was one of his ‘crimes’. He brought all the geniuses of the country in some way or other into the government. He invited them, he supported them.

The politicians of the country could not tolerate it, it was too much. Their whole profession was going into the hands of non-politicians. And certainly they prove better, because they know their subject, what they are doing.

The assassination of President Kennedy was a political conspiracy, for the simple reason that he was weeding out the politicians, out of their power positions, and bringing in people who were never known to have any political aspirations. (2)

Excerpts from
(1) From Bondage to Freedom, Ch 10, Q 1
(2) From Death to Deathlessness, Ch 35, Q 1

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