Horoscope June 2016


The second Neptune-Saturn square establishes itself powerfully and strongly… the magic words are ‘flexibility and sincerity’, says Sitara.


gemini / cancer

Sun 11° Gemini – 10° Cancer
Moon 14° Aries – 23° Taurus
Mercury 18° Taurus – 2° Cancer
Venus 9° Gemini – 16° Cancer
Mars, retrograde 28° – 23° Scorpio
Jupiter 14° – 17° Scorpio
Saturn, retrograde 13° – 11° Sagittarius
Chiron, retrograde from 26th 25° Pisces
Uranus 23° – 24° Aries
Neptune, retrograde from 13th 12° Pisces
Pluto, retrograde 17° – 16° Capricorn
North Node 18° – 16° Scorpio
Lilith 1° – 4 Scorpio
New Moon 5th, 5.00 h GMT 15° Gemini
Full Moon 20th, 13.02 h GMT 30° Sagittarius


Mood of the Moment

During this month, the second Neptune-Saturn square establishes itself powerfully and strongly yet gently points out that at the most we’ve learned its lessons halfway. It focuses our attention on our shortcomings and lets us feel that we are at the mercy of situations. Its influence began in November, where in Mood of the Moment it said, “The fact that our world can be beautiful yet not fit to satisfy all desires and fulfil all wishes, is something only very few people dare to face… The constellations starting this year seem to have made it their mission to undermine the general ignorance and call for more realism.”

But how to go about having to face the sobering facts – particularly when it comes to something as basic as life on this planet? Neither resignation nor toughening up will help; the magic words are ‘flexibility and sincerity’: look challenges straight into the eye, and proceed according to the principle of trial and error. The latter requires an attitude of inner detachment, which is an expression of human maturity: knowing what you want and do whatever necessary so that it comes to pass – and (!) to let go lightly when it turns out to be impossible. The crowning conclusion of the developments since October – the grand Jupiter-Pluto trine at the end of June – supports the hope that the effort for such an attitude will be successful and thereby completely new and better perspectives are able to open up.


AriesAries: One more month until retrograde Mars turns again. Now during June it is about uncovering long repressed facts. The reason for repression is that once upon a time it was too difficult to face the facts directly. But now it is no longer too difficult, even though rarely pleasant. In this month many small liberating breakthroughs can occur if you don’t opt out but rather, in spite of some obstacles, proceed cautiously and persistently on your path.


TaurusTaurus: During this month it is better from the very start to renounce the idea to seek eternal love, peace and harmony. There are plenty of silver linings, but if you linger too long with the dark sides, you will also find plenty of those. Generally remain easygoing and playful during the first half of June, in the second half reflect more on your heart qualities and share your openness, warmth and joy. In the last third of June reflect upon your inner strength and independence, which is self-sufficient onto itself.


GeminiGemini: You are situated right in the cross hairs of the current challenges. The aim is to bring many different energies under one roof which actually should be an easy exercise for the Gemini champion jugglers. Give everything a place in your life: 1. meditative serenity, 2. pragmatic clarification and order, 3. optimistic future orientation and 4. your very own desire for ease, variety and dialogue. Make sure to integrate also that which isn’t so easy for you.


CancerCancer: This New Moon has it what it takes! As much as you would like to dance nimble-footed into summer, your own or other’s claims can make it difficult for you. Stay in the middle, as good as you can. Each extreme will cause an immediate backlash in your own inner or in the outside world. By contrast, the second half of June will turn out beautiful, disclosing wonderful opportunities for self-realization for you at whatever level: privately, professionally or in a spiritual sense. Upgrade your perspective!


LeoLeo: The first week of June will set challenges for you. Don’t make any decisions now because you’ll quickly realize that by making a step in one direction there will be immediately another one provided pointing to a completely different track as an equally good option. Now it is better to merely test the waters playfully and not to commit immediately. However, during the last two-thirds of the month there are many opportunities to find your way – in line with your gut feeling as well as with your spiritual needs.


VirgoVirgo: In the first half of June you have to cope with a few tasks. You realize clearly that even the best of intentions are not a guarantee for success. For one thing flexibility is required and on the other hand it is necessary to ask yourself what is realistic. It hurts when you reach the limits of what is possible, but already in the second half of June the tide turns. Doors open suddenly and the dedication you have shown since October finally bears fruit. Your trust has paid off.


LibraLibra: Getting started this month is somewhat bumpy. Maybe you feel you are in limbo, perhaps your concerns fall on deaf ears, maybe everything is simply progressing much too slowly. Don’t let yourself be too much unsettled because as early as the second week of June you will be making headway again. In the second half of the month include your own emotions and those of others in your considerations, otherwise a spanner will be thrown into the works again. The last third of the month is a time for powerful yet delicate effeminacy.


ScorpioScorpio: A rather intricate month during which you should not set too much on specific concepts and strategies. It is necessary to change sides and make new arrangements again and again. Not everything works but much is possible if you stay with it and try out different ways. By the end of June you will get back into your own strength and can tackle or complete matters full of confidence and verve. In particular it is about that which has been waiting for a successful conclusion since October or March.


SagittariusSagittarius: Also for you, June is not exactly easy – although in the end the reward awaits you. Until then it is about staying alert. Others seem to have hit the jackpot while you are struggling to steer everything into a clearer direction. This is exhausting and frustrating. Remain flexible – of all, the opposite is true. The solution is to flow with everything. Even if the river makes seemingly unnecessary detours, go with it. Only in this way will you reach your destination – perhaps already by end of the month.


CapricornCapricorn: The more your focus is on what is not ideal, the more it eats away at the vitality that you need to realise your ideals. What’s preventing you now to do so, are overly negative expectations. And no matter how well you know the correct procedure, there will always be something that eludes access. Regardless of your very efforts, there will always be something that is not perfect. Relax the reins and only then will you save yourself from fruitless struggles. By the end of June your trust will be back in top form!


AquariusAquarius: Aquarians sail quite unaffected through the tensions of this month – which is also due the fact that they have little fear of change. As June repeatedly demands turnarounds, it promises to be an interesting month, keeping diverse inspirations on the ready. In particular, all relationships but also professional occupation as well as learning and sharing are under a lucky star. By contrast, implementation and actions often require several attempts. But keep going, otherwise everything gets stuck on the mental level.


PiscesPisces: Coping with the many uncertainties of the month is not a problem for Pisces. The challenge is in drawing clear boundaries, in self-discipline, and the handling of uninspiring questions of everyday life. Rather than to accept prematurely that nothing makes any sense, it is now about taking responsibility for one’s own goals and to do one’s best to let them take shape. The willingness to let go, if it becomes necessary, is reflected in constant serenity and ease.


Sitara TNSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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