…left his body on 8th June 2016.



Dhyananand (aka DA, or Dhyananand Graziano) studied architecture, sculpture and photography in college in California. Leaving school, he went travelling and lived in Europe. From there he went to see Osho and took sannyas in 1979.

He lived in Osho’s communes doing different jobs. Many might remember him working in Rajneeshpuram in RBG garage; a tall, ginger haired and soft-spoken lad.

In the late 80s he worked with Meera at painting and Nirman at stone carving. The stone carving re-ignited an old interest and back in the USA he continued working with it. Last November we showed in Osho News a slideshow of his sculptures: Carving Stone in Timeless Zone. On that occasion Dhyananand wrote: “My beloved, Nirja, and I moved into a trailer park [in Boulder, Colorado] this summer that has many old-time sannyasin residents. It is nice to be within walking distance of so many friends.” He also spoke of a bone growth that had needed to be removed from his skull.

Shanti writes:

Dhyananand used to live in Seattle and that’s when we started to have a closer connection. He would help us set up our fair booths early in the mornings and that helped bring such a sweetness to the whole day. He was a very good sculptor too. We were so lucky to have met this person on our life journey.

Credits go to Shanti, Mega, Nanda, and Sundro for some of the portrait photos in the slide show


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DA, thank you for your presence, your tenacity, your soft words when we would meet. Always a welcoming, always kind to me. You were the most total dancer and singer at our recent music events, an inspiration to me. I thanked you for your support and energy and you said, “I have to go for it, it could be the last time, I will sing or dance.” That has stayed with me and is a continual reminder for me to be total in everything. Loving you so much, DA. Now you are everywhere.

Although I lost contact with him 20 years ago, I’m reminded of him very strongly when I heard of his passing. Beautiful conversation and just being in his presence was a delight. I felt him very strongly today! So much to say, but you are in my heart always!

Your sweet nature, how can I forget you. Wherever meeting you in the past, your smile is echoing today in my heart. Be well, wherever you are…

I met DA in the Osho Holistic Massage Training in 1990 (Poona 2). He had a great sense of humor and was a natural at massage. We stayed in touch and reconnected a few years later when I moved to the US. I was lost in grief at the time after the deaths of several people close to me, including both parents. DA, with his warmth, gentleness and deep love for Osho, lifted me from the depths of depression. We spent the summer of ’96 together in the Pacific Northwest, hiking, camping, biking, singing Osho songs, laughing, loving and sharing. He was a tonic for my soul and I will always be grateful to him for that. Fly high, my beloved friend! This earth is richer from your presence.

Thank you for your friendliness, sweetness and support when I needed it!

Namaste Baba. I love where our journeys intersected and we walked together a while. It is a joy to know you and our hearts will lovingly remember you.

I remember a mountain trip we took together in the Austrian Alps – where DA was working with Nirman renovating a house – and the girlfriends would visit for the weekend. It was already autumn and we drove up as high as possible and then went hiking. DA was carrying his flute – he had always dreamt to play his flute in the mountains – so now he did, in the snow, with cold fingers, full of laughter and joy. It was a wonderful moment…

Thank you for your presence. Every day I look at the wonderful Buddha you carved for me many years ago. A gentle, loving, creative soul, DA. Fly high.
Roshani Shay Curtis

The beautiful wave has gone back to the ocean, farewell beloved friend. Love to Neerja.

Feeling full of gratitude

– for your beautiful being

– for helping us start the “Evening Satsang with the Master” meditations in Seattle and for attending to the 3 weekly evening satsangs regularly for years,

– for trusting that Dynamic Meditation could be held at the Russian church here in Seattle for 21 days at 6am in the middle of the snowy winter, and for helping making it happen. (Even bringing your boss and co-worker to the 6am Dynamic, when you were working as a repair man in a jewelry shop.)

Filled with gratitude

– for your kind presence and support during some of my most challenging times… and for your kindness to my parents when they visited

– for your readiness to be here for anything needed to happen with Osho’s work and your love for Osho have been a ray of light in this world and a gift to us here.

Fly high dear friend!

Ma Satgyan

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