Sex Guru Gave the Large Bhagwan Disco to Cologne

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Local German newspaper Kölner Express excels in writing yet another feeble story about sannyasins and Osho, written by Ayhan Demirci. Published on June 20, 2016.

In spite of having an upbeat notion that the German media updated their databases with reference to Osho and sannyas in the last forty years, we were yet again proved wrong. The Kölner Express (a yellow-press paper kin to Bild Zeitung) excelled in a story with the titillating header “Sex Guru gave Cologne the large Bhagwan Disco”.

Our German-speaking readers might enjoy reading it with a pinch of salt.

Koelner Express

The short introduction conveys:

True religion, as taught by Bhagwan, the great master, the ‘Osho’, is an art – the teaching how one can enjoy life to the fullest. So it is written in the auspicious Bhagwan book ’From Sex to Superconsciousness’.

The writer continues – “That Osho, the head of the sect with the hypnotic eyes…”

A brief description of sannyas activities in the Cologne area and some quotes by Ramateertha are the main crux of the article, written in the way numerous bland sensational articles have been penned in the past, based on research from old files. In the last paragraph Osho is described as “seedy”.

We hear from Anandi at Osho Times Germany in Cologne that the article was supposed to be about some cult pub in Cologne, but instead they took the lurid lead about the ‘sex guru’ and wrote about the Cologne Disco which no longer exists.

Moreover, ‘Osho’s Place’ is now called ‘Osho’s Garden’ which had been explained to the reporter in detail by Ramateertha.

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