Summer Celebration – Osho Events Heat Up USA and Canada


Lots of group and workshop activities to get involved in during this summer, writes Prem Geet.

Summer Meditation

Thanks to Osho Meditation Centers across North America, this summer is packed with beautiful, soul-enriching meditation programs in major cities in the US and Canada. 

Psychologists say that the early developmental years are the most important in life. But the years most crucial in my life began with the resurgence of Osho programs in the USA in 2008. It was then that I threw out sitting meditation and embraced Osho’s joyous dance meditations for the first time. Gaining momentum and going stronger than ever, these special meditation events have multiplied thanks to a number of emerging Osho Meditation Centers which made the last 8 years of Osho immersion a true gift to me and many others. The past 8 years revealed the medicine of meditation.

As Osho says, “Whatever is in you — grief, pain, anger — you should be capable of releasing it into the sky, then you will be free from suffering. There is no need to take it out on other people. People are just like pegs to hang things on. When a big peg like the sky is available, why take it out on small pegs like people? As it is, everyone is so full of grief; why load more on them?”

The Voice of Silence, Ch 9

Through life-changing programs featuring long-time Osho disciples, among them Anand Arun, Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi), Chaitanya Keerti, Milarepa and his band One Sky, seekers can continue to enjoy the greatest privilege of experiencing Osho, along with a new start, a fresh perception, freedom from the known, and a chance to bounce back in life more fully than ever before.

Deepest gratitude to the centers and their leaders, for it takes tremendous faith to open and maintain a meditation center. Many times the owners bear the financial cost and volunteer many hours while keeping a day job and attending to their own family. It also takes infinite patience and tremendous heart to plan and host 3-day meditation events. A committed sangha can always remember love, return to love, and extend love. Together we can witness, surround and soothe ego thrashing and suffering as souls take turns in birthing pains to awaken. In awareness and compassion, we are the midwives of each other’s awakening.

Osho was asked why modern man needs new techniques of meditation. His answer:

“In Buddha’s time, such dynamic methods were not needed. People were more simple, more authentic. They lived a more real life. Now people are living a very repressed life, very unreal life. When they don’t want to smile, they smile. When they want to be angry, they show compassion. People are false, the whole life pattern is false. The whole culture is like a great falsity. People are just acting, not living. So, much hangover, many incomplete experiences go on being collected, piled up, inside their mind.

So just sitting directly in silence won’t help. The moment you will sit silently, you will see all sorts of things moving inside you. You will feel it almost impossible to be silent. First throw those things out so you come to a natural state of rest. But, real meditation starts only when you are in rest.

All the dynamic meditations are preparatory to real meditation. They are just basic requirements to be fulfilled so that the meditation can happen. Don’t treat them as meditations; they are just introductory, just a preface. The real meditation starts only when all activity has ceased – activity of the body and activity of the mind.”

The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 2, Ch 5

By Prem Geet

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