No Words Running inside my Brain

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Artist Peggy Sands talks on video about the 25.5′ x 6′ mural she painted for a bank in Boulder, CO.

Peggy Sands Mural Concept

Last we heard from Peggy in our cyber-community was the day she announced that she had submitted her project for a mural to a competition. There was the opportunity for us to vote and of course we did. It so happened that the one we all voted for was Peggy’s, even before we knew which one was hers. It was definitely the best and we were all happy that she won.

The mural has now been unveiled at the main branch of Elevations Credit Union Boulder, CO, after the creative process Peggy describes in this inspiring video.

Watch on YouTube

When I am really in painting mode
I am like looking… and it is all visual,
it is only visual,
I don’t think anything
it’s like if I have to translate it
I am not using words – it is visual.

“Oh, that’s wrong, this has to go here
that has the wrong color
fix this, do that.”

I am looking and just…
there are no words running inside my brain
it’s actually a great form of meditation.

I am super-focused,
I ignore everyone and everything.

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