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The third article in a series of four on meditations about purification by fire, water, earth, and air by Prem Geet.

Reporting from the Inspiration University (USA), founded by Leonard Orr, father of the Rebirthing Breathwork, Prem Geet deepens her meditation practice by combining Osho’s meditations and spiritual purification.

Any time we can spend more time enjoying a relatedness with the Earth, we experience quieting, renewal and rejuvenation. Walking a beloved trail, visiting a park, taking a picnic, tending a garden – time spent with the Earth element has a way of resetting our natural peace and calm.


The Earth practice is another spiritual purification practice with ancient roots, as described by Leonard Orr, master healer and father of Rebirthing Breathwork, an American new age pioneer and teacher of millions. Leonard says, “The body is a great teacher, when we listen to its feelings, sensations, symptoms, and are open to what it is teaching us. Most of the time, the body is a pleasant place to be. We can be thankful. We have to continue working on the purification of the mind. If we can heal the mind fast enough, the body is always a pleasant place to be.“

According to the Vedas, the planet we live on continuously filters the four elements, each related to a function of the self. For example, in the past two articles of this series, we looked at the water element related to the eternal spirit and our emotions, and fire as it relates to the eternal spirit and transformation. The Earth element relates to the eternal spirit in matter and the physical body. These elemental containers of eternal spirit are why Immortal Avatar Babaji has called the eternal sadhana of earth, air, water, and fire, and spiritual community “a very simple gospel.”

Leonard’s devotion to simple practices over many years is worthy of study and acceptance by a world longing to quiet itself and heal itself with the natural energies of fire, water, earth, and conscious breath, the elemental context we live in and are made of, but mostly ignore. The daily purification practice is to spend time alone with each element as a conscious meditation.

According to Orr who cites the immortal yogis and their very simple practices using the four elements, “the secrets of the elements are beyond mind.” In surrendering mind to each element, we can experience that god is in it. After years of hiking and skiing Alaska’s cross country trails, I can always count on Earth to help me feel better and reset to feelings of refreshed and neutral.

An early morning walk on my favorite trail reveals nature as a green cathedral.  Walking mindfully, I recall reading Immortal Avatar Babaji who reminded us to slow down, saying, “Slowliness is holiness.”  I appreciate Earth and know:

Earth is a playground for the imagination.

Earth says, “Look, there are always new horizons everywhere all the time.”

Earth is a theater for the Life-Death-Rebirth Show.

Nature is very creative.

Earth is highly interactive.

Feeling too spiritual, get your hands in the dirt.

Earth waits patiently for a full moon kiss.

All of Earth’s life is movement resting on stillness.

Feeling the Earth’s core deep under our feet.

Walking with awareness is a primal feeling of Being.

Earth absorbs stress and negative emotions.

Earth is generosity and patience.

Cleaning up the Earth, even a small act, feels good.

Plant a garden and feel the awe.

Many cultures say the Little People live in the center of Earth.

Earth is the healer and receiver of divine energies.

We always call it Mother Earth but try walking on Father Earth!

Resting on Earth, we feel at home and are reminded to come home to our bodies in feeling and breath.

Earth says, “You are here.”

Earth is alive.

And finally, Rumi says: “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

By Prem Geet

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