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Old-fashioned reading, curling up with a good book in hands brings joy and reduces stress.

I’ve been hooked on books since early childhood. The long list detailing desired presents duly sent to Father Xmas every year contained primarily book titles. Xmas holidays saw me sitting on the couch savouring the many books I had unpacked and it became a family joke that I was considered ‘absent’.

I always enjoyed good fiction (lots of adventure stories) and non-fiction (with archaeological books topping the list). I adored Agatha Christie’s detective novels and owned the entire selection of more than 80 volumes until I moved to another country and left every book behind. However, living in Northern Germany for 6 years, I built up another quite large library (and read everything) before my entire life took a quantum leap and I moved to India after having sold said library at the local flea market. The one book I took with me was ‘Hammer on the Rock’.

A love for books and reading has stayed with me – except for the years in the various communes, when there was little time to indulge curling up with a book. Who needed books with “so many beautiful friends, and so little time?” Who needed books when Osho was speaking every day? To sit at the feet of the most amazing orator in lifetimes, to listen to his wisdom, his insights, his parables, and of course, his silence…

Since living out in the ‘other world’ since the early nineties though, hundreds of books have moved into our home and are well taken care of, as the tropical climate is not kind to paper. A few years ago I had to move more than a hundred volumes to the garbage bins as a huge tribe of termites had emerged through tiny gaps in the floor tiles and sneakily chewed themselves into the lower book shelves and devoured book after book. As they didn’t fancy the outer covers, their dastardly deed remained undetected so they could continue their ghastly work inside the soft white pages…. But I digress.

Book shelf

The other day, a headline in the New York Times caught my attention – Read Books, Live Longer? – and I remembered my many aged relatives, all bookworms, who had died in their late eighties or even nineties while still in good shape – and all female! Sorry guys…

We have compiled for our readers lists of all the books known to us that have been written by sannyasins and/or researchers about Osho and sannyas, as well as fiction and non-fiction, prophecy and psychology, tantra (lots), travel stories, art, and even mysteries. Also, we have published a good many book reviews and book excerpts to whet your appetite.

The lists are updated as new information arrives  – we invite you to browse through to find books to enjoy; at the same time you will keep your brain active and quite possibly prolong your lifespan!

Direct links to the book lists are below. You can find this list also in the footer, i.e. at the very bottom of each page:

Books about Osho by Sannyasins
Books about Osho by Researchers
Books by Sannyasins: Fiction
Books by Sannyasins: Non-Fiction
Books by Sannyasins in Foreign Languages
Books by Researchers in Foreign Languages

We’d also like to draw your attention to the popular series ‘Books I Have Loved’. Osho spoke about the books while undergoing dental treatments. What he said was recorded by hand.

1. Silence Speaks in Its Own Way
2. My Time Was Over Long ago
3. It Must Have Been a Conspiracy of the Gods
4. I am Facing the Immeasurable, the Unaccountable
5. Truth Needs No Commentary
6. Truth Is Unspeakable
7. It is Unsayable
8. The Miracle of All Miracles
9. You Have to be Rich to be Enlightened
10. That which cannot be spoken must not be spoken of
11. I Love All Absurdities
12. Just Be – That Is My Manifesto

You can find above list at any time in the menu under Osho >> Books I Have Loved.

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