Yogis Have Known This Since Ancient Times


Many individuals who take birth and attain higher consciousness on this earth, have to seek birth on other planets.

Actually, people who brought information from other planets to this earth were basically from the other planets. It’s only now that the scientists have come to recognize there may be life on some fifty thousand planets. Yogis have known this since ancient times. In the past, however, they didn’t have any means to verify it. But when the souls who belonged to other planets took birth on earth and brought the news, their hypothesis was confirmed. Similarly, those who have carried the news of this planet to other planets are also different kinds of souls – the ones which could not be conceived on the earth.

Osho 70s 3

At the moment of death, the consciousness of man comes together totally. In that crystallized form it draws in all his conditionings, propensities, desires – the total essence, we may call it the perfume or the stench of his entire life – and moves on to its next journey. Mostly, this journey will be automatic – there won’t be any element of choice in it. It will be as if you pour water and it moves into small hollows in the earth. Similarly, in the normal course, a womb works like a hollow into which a nearby available consciousness enters.

Therefore, in most ordinary cases a man is born again and again in the same society, in the same country. Very rarely does this change. The variation occurs only when a suitable womb is not available. That’s why it is so amazing that in the last two hundred years many great souls, which otherwise were born in India, had to take birth in Europe. Annie Besant, Madame Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Colonel Olcott – these are all souls from India who were forced to take birth in Europe. Lobsang Rampa, for example, is a Tibetan soul born in Europe. The reason for all this was that a womb was not available to them in the country of their birth, hence they had to look for it somewhere else.

An ordinary man is born immediately.

Osho, And Now, And Here, Ch 15, Q 9 (excerpt)

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