Straight to the point of enlightenment

The Urgency

Mahaparinirvana — the Great Enlightenment

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But remember to continue witnessing.

This witnessing is the secret, the most golden key, the master key that opens all the doors of the mysteries and the secrets of existence.

As you relax, as your consciousness becomes more and more settled, your separateness starts melting.

Gautama the Buddha Auditorium is turning into an ocean, ten thousand buddhas melting into the oceanic experience of one cosmos. This is the only religious experience — the oceanic experience. There is no religion other than this.

All the scriptures are just commentaries, non-essential. The essential phenomenon is this oceanic experience of dissolving yourself into the ultimate.

A great song will arise in you, and without any movement you will feel a great dance. You will hear the one hand clapping. You are no more, only the existence is.

Gather as much flowers and fragrance and blessings and beatitude and benediction as you can. You have to bring them back. You have to bring them from your center to the circumference of your life.

And persuade the buddha. Inch by inch he is coming closer. It is your very nature.

One day, one golden day, you will disappear and only the buddha will remain in place of you. That will be the greatest height of your blossoming, the greatest golden moment of your thousands of lives. Beyond that is only the cosmos.

First, become the buddha. This is called nirvana. Then take a jump into the cosmos, and disappear into the blue sky. This is called mahaparinirvana — the great enlightenment.

The first is called enlightenment, the second is called the great enlightenment. Then you are not, even the buddha is not. Only the existence is, with all its glory, with all its majesty, with all its flowers blossoming, its beauty, its truth, its divineness spread all over the cosmos.

Then you will become one with the whole, not part of the whole. To become one with the whole is the only holiness.



Come back…

But come back as buddhas, with the same gestures, with the same grace, with the same silence, with the same ecstasy.

Just sit down for a few seconds to remember the golden path you have traveled, to remember your original face that you have encountered. And watch … the buddha has come a little closer to you. It is not long before the spring will come … you will melt away, and only the buddha remains.

Then the second step is very simple.

I teach only the first step. The second step you can take anytime, or if you want to wait, the second step will happen in your death.

This I call, “straight to the point of enlightenment.”

Okay, Maneesha?

Yes, Beloved Master.

Osho, Christianity: The Deadliest Poison and Zen: The Antidote to All Poisons, Ch 2

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