The Whole Trinity is There


Neeraj is going back to Devon, England. She is unsure whether to spend her time travelling around England, or starting a meditation centre where she lives.

There are only two other sannyasins there, she explains to Osho.

So start a centre!

Neeraj: Yes.

I will give you a name; you start a centre. Three sannyasins are all that is needed. The whole trinity is there – you start!

Osho in darshan

This will be the name: triveni.

It means where three rivers meet, mm? (a little chuckle) And in India, wherever three rivers meet it becomes a sacred place for pilgrimage. Because the meeting of the three is the birth of the ultimate. The concept of trinity is really very valuable; it exists in all the religions. In India we have statues of god with three faces, called ‘trimurti’. Man is also a trinity or a trimurti or a triveni: the body, the mind and the soul. These three are meeting in you. If they really meet, one becomes illuminated. Right now they are only potentially there; they can meet but they have not met yet.

Two are visible, the body and the mind, and the third is invisible. The greatest place in India for pilgrimage is Allahabad; it is called triveni. Three rivers meet there; two you can see, the third is invisible. You can see the Ganges and the Yamuna, and the third is Saraswati; it is invisible. That represents the soul, or call it the holy ghost.

Each individual has to find the unity between the three. And the moment you start feeling the unity between the three, you become a sacred place, you become a saint, you become a place of pilgrimage. So each saint in India is a place of pilgrimage. People start going towards the saint because the three have met in him and he has become one, integrated. Now those three aspects are only aspects, only faces of one unity.

So this will be good, mm? – my three sannyasins are there; that’s perfectly good!

Osho, The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun, Ch 18

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