The Ass and the Elephant


Iam Saums writes about the illusion of choice, reality and fear, ultimately resulting in manipulation and the totalitarian approach.

There is no choice. There never was nor ever will be.


Us and Them

Every day in every way we are played against each other. The nature of our reality has been distorted and transmuted into one of premeditated opposition. We are at odds with society to the degree that we are most hostile with ourselves. Be it ethics, politics, religion or sports, our criticism, judgement and prejudice of others are planted in our sub-consciousness long before we are aware of ourselves. We become mired in a lose-lose competition that best serves the few at the cost of the many. Oblivious to the dynamics and rules of this vicious, social cycle, we enable it with our apathy, denial, indifference and obedience.

The Illusion of Choice

We are conditioned to believe we have a choice when it comes to those who lead us. We are not given a choice. We are given options. This is an important distinction rarely made and often mistaken. The individuals we elect as our representatives are an elite group of strategically selected and privileged marionettes programmed to execute a prearranged agenda. One that is designed for control, power, profit and secrecy. Our system of democracy enables the antithesis of all it appears to embody. Reality is a fairy tale that lulls us into acquiescence, futility and oblivion. Our ‘choice’ is a false power enabled by a superficial society.

The Frequency of Fear

The foundation of reality is a devious tapestry of fear. It permeates every facet of our existence. The commercial, entertainment, media, political and religious industries threaten our senses with heavy doses of manufactured fear. This produces chaotic and distorted frequencies to suspend us in a perpetual state of apprehension. Most of us fail to possess an awareness of them and the impacts they have on us. Yet, they are evident, omnipresent and undeniable. Their influence effects every aspect of our life. These frequencies of fear are weapons of mass destruction, distraction and diversion to manipulate our experience of choice.

Wings of the Same Bird, Part One

The left wing symbolizes the liberal party or ‘Demo-cons’. ‘Democrat’, derives its origin from the term, ‘democracy’, and denotes equality, justice and liberty. The right wing represents the conservative party or ‘Neo-cons’. ‘Republican’ originates from the term, ‘republic’, and represents loyalty, observance and obedience to it. The two-party system is an exhibition of duality. Its sole function is to confuse and deceive its unwitting populace into perceptions and positions of competition, division and all out social war. We are pitted against each other in an endless conflict of ego, intolerance, judgement and self-righteousness.

Wings of the Same Bird, Part Two

Believe it or not, both the liberal and conservative parties work together best when they work against the people. They are not our representatives. They are figureheads for the authoritarian, corporate and financial establishments. The political left and right are the ‘fronts’ of a global racket to conquer, imprison and enslave the people with their very own nationalism, partisanship and terror. They are not the bitter rivals the media or political institutions portray. Their strings all originate from the same source. A handful of elite organizations who con the people with the greatest deception. The belief that their vote has power and purpose.

If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.
– Mark Twain

The Master Race

Since the dawn of civilization, there have always been the few who have exploited the many. Whether it is based on knowledge, religion, science or technology, the oppression of human evolution has been a conquest for control, power and profit. A secret network of bloodline families rules the people of the world with their influence, ingenuity, rituals and wealth. The expansion and preservation of their dominion is essential to the manifestation of their agenda. The bloodline families have produced order from their chaos and chaos from their order as a practice to further its totalitarian supremacy.

Arsenal of Authority

For the first time in human history, we are seeing the deliberate and widespread proliferation of martial authority. It is the privatization of the armed forces, the militarization of local, county and state police, the use of former special operations personnel at demonstrations, protests and rallies and the data-mining and surveillance of the global population. We are manipulated and preyed upon by the bloodlines in every conceivable way to the greatest degree. Authoritarian rule, institutional conditioning, media programming, social engineering and political and religious indignity distorts our experience and perception.

The Great Pyramid of the Elite

The structure of society’s reality is a global pyramid scheme. We the people inhabit the base of the pyramid, along with all other living things. Above us are the people we elect into positions of government. Governments are lobbied and supervised by corporations, otherwise known as ‘The Corporatacracy’. They in turn are funded by their lenders, the major banking institutions. “The Big Banks” are administrated by the National Central Banks, who are controlled by the International Central Banks. The Central Banks of Central Banks oversee all the banking institutions. The elite bloodlines occupy the apex, existing beyond censure, law and justice.

Candidate Carousel

Every four years the vicious cycle of political selection resumes. Families divide, friends collide, neighbors clash, and reason and sanity are wagered for the empty promises the candidates pledge to make a difference. One after the other, privileged people with suits, ties and smiles enchant us with their premeditated appeal, charisma, opinions and savvy to pander for the most precious commodity of their political position, our vote. Society condenses all of our personal possibility, potential and power as human beings into one insignificant expression of obligation. Our selection between two corrupt candidates endorsed by a secret assembly of elitists.

Fever Pitch

The fervent flames of human ire, opinion, position and self-righteousness are once again being fanned to their extreme. Lines of demarcation boldly and violently divide the left from the right. One side spews its venom in a classic movement of defamation, while the other retaliates with a counter punch of character assassination. Each constituency rises to cheer on their selected leader with the fury and scorn of a forsaken army devoid of an earnest war. At the heart it all is our reluctance and refusal to claim our own leadership and manifest it into our daily life. When we cast our vote, we give away our power to avoid being accountable for our own.

Voting provides an illusion of power
to deceive us into believing we are making a difference.

The Power We Yield

We are born into a society of ignorance, oppression and superficiality. The evolution and fulfillment of our personal power is rarely if ever encouraged, exercised or supported. We siphon it away with our emotional attachments, drama, fear and self-righteousness. The division around us simply reflects our conflict within. Our power is not found in negating the positions of others. It is in our acceptance and respect for their diversity. Transformation begins with the quality of our listening and the space we hold for others to choose. This is our truest expression. Our personal power becomes real only when we live it as our way of being.

First published on Iam’s blog – illustration Osho News

Iam Saums has been a professional musical performance artist for over 20 years. He was/is a student of The Fourth Way School in the Tradition of G.I. Gurdjieff, studied Kabbalah for more than 8 years and practiced meditation in the Jain tradition for over 11 years. He has also written poetry and short stories and is inspired to write articles about consciousness, awareness, creativity, belonging and being.

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