…left her body on 21st February 2017.

010 meera
020 Meera getting up cr Ananda Heech
030 Meera cr Yuki Apurva
040 Meera dancing cr Ananda Heech
050 Meera dancing 4 cr Ananda Heech
060 Meera dancing 2 cr Ananda Heech
070 Meera on bike cr Elif Chandra Deva
080 Meera cr Madhuro Deva
085 on bicycle Munich Odeon Platz June 2014
090 Meera August 2016
095 Meera March 2016
100 Meera in Toledo
160 Svagito and Meera 2014 cr Elif Chandra Deva
110 Meera in Venice 2014
120 Diving boat Sheena around Madhufusi Island 2014
150 Meera cr Neelamber and Kanti
200 book launch at POVO in Fortaleza cr Zahira Mous
205 Osho Therapy Book Event in Dario's
210 Meera in magazine March 2016
300 hug with Meera cr Ananda Heech
310 The flowing painting cr Tao Centre Greece
320 meera_nature5
330 Meera with pupil 2 cr Ananda Heech
340 painting event 3 July 2016
400 cologne demo cr samvado meera
410 meera-with-laxmi-and-isabel

Photos thanks to Meera, Ananda, Yuki, Chandra, Madhuro, Tao Centre, Zahira, Kanti, Samvado

Meera died in South Africa from an accident while scuba diving. Her long-time partner Svagito was with her. He writes:

Meera – A Whirlwind of Love and Joy

It is impossible for me to write something about Meera that could even come close to describing her. Even after living with her for almost 25 years, she never stops to surprise me, annoy me at times, excite me, make me giggle and fall in love with her again and again. Every moment with her is so fresh, just like she has the ability to bring out the innocent and spontaneous child in almost everyone she meets.

She seems to be connected to an endless reservoir of energy and joy. I remember her returning home to our Poona flat after leading a day of her training course, go shopping right away and then cook for 20 people she had invited for dinner that evening. And if one of her friends or participants were sick she would quickly prepare some miso soup before the evening meeting. She would always tell me that it is her joy to do all that – what a lesson of unconditional giving!

Many people shared with me how meeting Meera transformed their lives and helped them discover their creative potential and love for meditation. Being very straightforward, she could make you feel embarrassed one moment and love her the next. And after each training she would tell me: “That was the best training I have ever done!”

This is what she said in her last interview (

“Understanding that this life is a gift you step into death with a wondering heart. Because once you live your life so totally and intensely and with passion, you can die so peacefully and with a laughter.”

Meera’s favorite flower are morning glories, a small flower that grows wildly and which she loved to paint. She used to explain why she loves that flower: “This flower prepares a whole year just to blossom for only one day!”

Now our Beloved Meera has blossomed and her body has disappeared, but her fragrance will stay with us always, as well as hundreds of her paintings. She truly made this earth a more beautiful place.

010 Meera-cr-Svagito
020 Meera-in-daisies-cr-Svagito
030 Meera-cr-Jap-person
040 Meera-cr-Sammy-Heart
050 Meera-on-beach-cr-Tao-Centre
060 Meera-cr-Lucia-Anand
070 Meera-in-Buddha-Grove-cr-Anita-Anand
080 Meera-in-paintings-cr-Svagito
090 paiting-event-March-2016
100 exhibition-Buddha-Grove-cr-Rusaasvaad
110 Meera-and-Nirav-cr-Suchira
120 Ninad-Meera-Asanga-Nartan-Geetesh-cr-Misako-Gayana-Gibson
130 Meera-and-Nartan-cr-daughter-Misako-Gayana-Gibson
140 Meera-and-Gayana-cr-Misako-Gayana-Gibson
150 Meera-and-daughter-Gayana
160 Meera-young-cr-Misako-Gayana-Gibson

Photos thanks to Svagito, Gayana, Anand Lucia, Anand Anita, Suchira, Rusaasvad, Tao Centre

Anand Meera (Kasue Hashimoto) was born in Ishikawa, Japan, in 1947. She studied, from 1966–1969, at the Musashino Art University, Tokyo, and from 1970 started visiting European museums and then settled in Toledo, Spain.

Until 1972 she studied drawing at the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, and Escuela de Arte, Toledo, where she became a co-founder of the Grupo Tolmo and the Galeria Tolmo. In 1974 she became a disciple of Osho and started working also in India and Japan. In 1979, on Osho´s suggestion, she established, together with Geetesh Gibson, the Osho Art School and began leading art workshops all over the world.

Excerpt from the darshan diary, Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones Ch 9 – 9 November 1979

(Japanese artist, Meera, is back. She runs a meditation center and an art gallery and it seems she sent in some samples of her work to Osho.

Hello, Meera! When did you arrive?

Five days ago.

Very good! I looked into your paintings and pictures – really beautiful! You have done a good job. Now you also have to create a group of painters here – just like the theatre group.

Good, Meera. Now start working on it.

She developed new methods of creative expression and started communities in Amsterdam, Sicily and California.

More than 40 books by Osho have full-colour endpapers reproducing Meera’s paintings. She was such a prolific painter that her artwork can be found in many museums, galleries and in hidden nooks and corners of the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune. Because of the popularity of her paintings many were made available as reproductions thanks to the technical skills of Premendra (

Meera published a beautifully designed boxed book dedicated to Osho, Morning Glories Climbing – Blossoming, featuring her paintings and haikus by Satyanand, a Japanese poet and sannyasin, with texts in Japanese and English (, as well as ReAwakening of Art ( – e-book about her art therapy work.

Apart from Creativity and Art therapy workshops, which she facilitated in Japan, Europe and South America, she also led trainings called Osho Art Therapist Training, in Pune as well as in Europe. Meera also contributed to the book Osho Therapy, a compilation of essays by Osho Therapists edited by Svagito.

She was also an accomplished DJ, as music was ‘part of the course’; dancing was a means to help the body (and mind) to become more fluid so that the colours could flow more easily. Forever-young and with an incredible vital energy she would often get up and dance herself or dance during art performances.

One might have booked a painting course with Meera with the intention of playing with colours and learning how to paint, but that was not all you would get for your money! Aviva’s review of Meera’s workshop at the Tao Centre in Greece describes it beautifully:

This workshop works on two different dimensions. It opens up one’s painting creativity, since Meera brings a totally different and unconventional approach to art and to being creative. The second dimension is that of examining and looking at the emotional elements in our lives. The workshop will provoke both a creative as well as an inner change of awareness.

Meera has played an immensely important role in opening the creative eyes in the lives of many seekers of love and truth. She was an inspiration for so many!

Bio taken in part from her website ( – for the alert and info credit goes to Subhuti, Ananda, Mega, Yatri, Sharmi, Upchara

Meera celebration 1st March in Japan
Meera celebration 1st March in Japan

Meera’s body will reach Japan on 27th February. The following day, the funeral ceremony will be held for family and close friends. The death celebration is scheduled for 1st March (15:30 local time) in Yokohama. We can celebrate her together, in our own way and wherever we are on this planet.

There will be a Global Life Celebration for Meera on 4th March starting at (18:00 in Japan; 14:30 in Pune; 9:00 in London). It will be a one-hour dance, with silence and Osho quotes. The celebration will be transmitted live via this link: at the scheduled time. More on – video of the celebration in Japan, song ‘Joy in my life’:

Articles by Meera or about her in Osho News:
Cleaning is Creativity, writes Meera
The Sacred Mission of Art – Meera teaches art to children, artists, sannyasins and journalists in Brazil
Almost An Original – Vira interviews Meera and Premendra, the printer of some high quality reproductions of her paintings
Intensity in action: explosion of creativity – Suha watches the preparations of an open-air exhibition of paintings made by participants of a workshop with Meera, in Pune
Paintings of Life – a video of Meera’s paintings


You can leave a message / tribute / anecdote using our contact form (please add ‘Meera’ in the subject field)…

Dear beloved Meera, you will for ever be an inspiration to so many of us, and remain in our hearts. I believe with all my heart that your soul will still be flying, painting and dancing. Sanne

Beloved Meera, you have been and you still are so important in my life. Because of you I discovered a new way of creativity. You challenged my way of expression and showed me new depths in my creativity and my being. The joy and dance that you radiated was so infectious, for me and for many people. You supported me as an artist and also as an arts teacher. Without you I would not be the way I am now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being just the way you were. A true light in this world. You will always be with me for the rest of my life.

Beloved Meera, diving deep and now flying high. I loved the way you showed me how to be total, how much fun it is to paint with this totality and playfulness. I remember you invited me one evening when I was wandering through the ashram, to come and join and paint with an evening group at the old Buddha Hall, all lit with candles, your beautiful smile. Thank you for your inspiration! Just the other day I was painting in the “Meera-way” and I thought of you. Love,
I wish Svagito strength and I am sure he will be surrounded by love.

Life is very strange and has taken away beloved Meera, one of the most lively, playful, powerfully vibrant people I’ve ever met. I will always remember an episode that I feel is very significant to describe Meera’s nature and the way she always saw the world.

I had returned to the “resort” after a very long absence and was feeling very self-conscious because I had gained a lot of weight… I was almost dreading meeting old friends. A few people pretended they did not recognize me; others commented on my figure in ways that made me feel even more self-conscious. Then, as I walked out of the back gate, I met Meera… she saw me from a distance, she stopped in her tracks and said, “WOW! That is A BODY!!! I wish I had met you earlier this morning, I would have liked you to be in my painting class as a model! Gorgeous, full body! Full of energy! Full of life!” She was hugging me and giggling and bubbling with her shiny smile and twinkly eyes. I cried and laughed and told her, “Meera, you made my day!”

That feeling still holds on – every time I feel insecure and negative about my body I remember her shiny face and joyous laughter and that’s all I see in the mirror.


Ma Meera speaks what we all feel, and I know that the soul and energy that leaves the physical body just adds to existence and showers on all of us. I am in deep gratitude with all that life offers ?
Prem Apoorva

Oh Meera, I have been crying a lot today. I haven’t seen you in person for years but you are a deep part of my Poona life. Someone so plugged in to a source of vitality like you is so rare and so unique. Though I feel you must be in a gorgeous space now I just feel sad that that body is not zooming around the planet anymore. I remember how you got my mum dancing wildly to drums in her knickers in your painting group, and so many memories of your voice, your presence and your amazing Japanese-food birthday parties for Svagito.

Beloved Meera, I first met you and Geetesh in Amsterdam, then Poona and the Ranch, so long ago now! Our artist souls recognized each other immediately, although we never spent much time together; we each followed our separate paths and I always hoped that someday we could cross paths again wishing to enjoy your lovely presence again… Alas, existence has its own plans! l have shed my tears for your life cut short, but now l will sit and send my energy to you as you return to Source, and to Svagito for his and all of our loss, this beauty of beauties who has left her love paintings to us all. Namaste from
Tarpana in Quebec xxx

I remember an exhibition of Meera’s paintings in Meera Barn, when it still existed in the ashram. These were nude paintings of men and women in sexual poses – so powerful and also so alive – and Meera was sitting there laughing….
Sharmi Agnidipta

Goodbye, crazy Meera, you were always a challenge to my lazy soul, poking me with “Wake up! Come on!”, especially during your visits at Osho RISK. Thank you!

Beloved Meeraji, disbelief… No not you… The first shock of your leaving passed… You would always invite me to come and sing in your group or your training, always a big smile and a hug in passing… And I remember dinner at your home by the river. Every day in my home I enjoy the beauty of your work, the big poster in my living room; Hortense with beautiful purple flowers. I see it every day right in front of me and a small original in my bedroom which you gave me for my birthday. From now on I will embrace and cherish with a more tangible sense of love. Your expression in colour, always an expression of nature at its most vibrant. Such an expression of you. So much love to you and so much love to beloved Svagito – wishing you strength. There are no words to say, your gifts to us each day – all around your creation, all around our gratefulness…

Our beloved cherry blossom has been blown away by the winds – and just like those cherry blossoms, her beauty will never die. Fly High dear crazy heart Meera. Thank you beloved for your pure, deep, loving heart and your ever-present cheerful encouragement… always inspiring Deva and me to step beyond our comfort zone, out into the magical light of the full moon where the cherry blossoms dance and sing in the Master’s love. We love you.

Today during satsang, Sri Prem Baba paid a tribute to Meera with an improvised musical creation posted on soundcloud (from 1h04’44”)

Prem Soham

I am reporting that Meera Hashimoto left her body in a diving accident in South Africa.

I attended many times her painting groups meeting people who today are among my dearest friends. I feel now the need to share with you and all those who have known or have participated in those groups my regret and sorrow over the loss of an exceptional person, an artist whose greatest work of art was her own life. How many times did I find myself seeing how lucky I was to live an experience with her! My memories of groups at Miasto and Ibiza between 2003 and 2013 are among the most beautiful of my life. Meera has given me a lot and helped me in a difficult walk of life with her unbounded love of life and experience; and with her constant invitation to “doing” in meditation. Her unconventional soul willingly let reveal all the vitality of her “inner child”. It drove her exceptional performances by which she gave an example to her group participants how to play with colors by sharing them with others on the sheet of rice paper, to recognize the dance of tree limbs and to dance with them on the sheet and not to be afraid to “see” its deeper image emerge from the mirror, in meditation. Meera could recognize the beauty that lies hidden in each person and in the things that surround us. “Go and bring your beauty into the world!”

I hope they will organize sooner or later some kind of celebration of her life which I would like to be informed of so that I can eventually participate. And I hope that the knowledge of her work may exceed the confines of the world of Osho.

An affectionate thought even to dear Svagito, her most loving and tender companion, of which I was able to appreciate the deep sensitivity and humanity in a group in Ibiza.

Dear Meera, I now like to imagine that your soul is hovering here and there over the world, caressing one last time the hundreds of men and women you cared about and that you loved in your life. It will be a long journey before you leave us and definitely connected to the energy of the Whole.

A fond memory and a huge hug to all!

Mario from Genoa, Italy

Very touched by her presence again! It is like she is flying around and reconnect with all who worked with her. Such love, such presence, such joy, such harmony, such creativity! Meera Keejai!
Deva Satranga

Rajan Goyal

Beloved one,
You were always diving deep into life, into anything that you were doing. You and Geetesh showed me the way to express myself through painting and made me immensely happy. With you I could suddenly paint and dance and laugh from all my heart. For the first time in those years in the Art Group I became really alive. You were my sister, friend, teacher and somehow also my spiritual guide. We shared those beginning years in the Art Group, in Pune, Amsterdam and Sicily. Later we moved on different paths. Now that you would have become 70 (incredible, because you are so timeless) I intended to come and see you some day. Now I only see you in my heart and there is immense love and gratitude, also the pang and tears of a final goodbye – I know you can’t do other than fly high. Thank you for all your love and reaching out for me. Your sister

Beloved Meera, Osho came through your eyes into my heart. Thank you, beloved amazing sweet strong Meera. Dear Svagito, I shall keep you and your beloved Meera in my thoughts and my heart.
Ma Marga Suravi (Italy)

Farewell Meera and thank you for the Creativity you shared with me and others in the Art Group back in the late seventies in Poona, together with Geetesh. You were a fine team of teaching Art. Fly high back from where we origin. Love,

My first experience of Meera was overhearing her speak Spanish with Samya, the Argentinian coordinator in the boutique in the late 70s. Meera was strikingly beautiful. It was intriguing to listen to her speak Spanish with a Japanese accent.

Later I became her art student. Painting with her on the roof of Krishna House was very alive! She would invite musicians and dancers to be with us and inspire us. She even invited babies with their moms. The baby would sit in its diaper in the middle of one of the large cotton sheets of paper Meera gave us and would play with the paints!

Later I had the good fortune to assist her in the Kids’ Group–what a colorful, playful mess she let those kids create!

Once she led us into painting self-portraits. When she came to me she said, “Whenever you feel a lack of self-confidence, look at this self-portrait.”

Thank you, Meera, for the millions of gifts you gave us!


Beloved Meera, thank you for your inspiration in my haiku & art. Through watching your way of creativity by seeing & playful being in the moment I’ve felt my own spontanity & here-now painting nature. Fly high… as Light & Love was around you in your will forever felt now.
♡ Urja you always say Meera…?

“Dancing is a bridge to life…
painting is a bridge to life.”

…you trascended in us my beloved Meera

Dhyan Ilaa

Beloved Crazy Wild Free Spirit, your final good-bye moved me deeply and recalled our incredible paint-ful days of the Rajneesh Art Group in Pune, Amsterdam and especially Sicily. You were the living body of Art as Expression of Life. Total devotion, total absorption, becoming one with the dance of the brushes, with the leaves and the blossoms. Lessons in self-transcendence and embodying that rare wisdom where the observer becomes the observed, the painter the painting, the painting the painter. May your Spirit sparkle in the Light of the Universe and your legacy live on in the souls of the many ones you touched. In deep gratitude,
Prem Chris

Strangely enough, I heard the news about Meera while receiving a massage. A neighbouring person on another massage table was speaking to her session giver about the sad news that Meera has died. And I thought, “Could it really be THE Meera, artist, passionate lover of life?” And the massage continued. And now I find out, yes, indeed Meera’s physical form has gone from this world, in a strange and unexpected way. It is almost as if she simply entered into one of her paintings and vanished. She who loved the beauty of nature so much, dived into the water and was taken away, into deeper nature, into the beyond. Meera, you will live forever in the hearts of all those who know life as a dance, who know god as love, and who understand how to melt into the painting. Thank you for all the wonderful moments we shared, the smiles, the laughter, the joyous meetings and silences in between the words. Thank you for your beauty, like a fairy spreading gold dust wherever she moves. I remember you in almost continuous movement, celebrating your immensely creative spirit with all who you came in contact with. How blessed we have been to know you. How blessed this world is to have your paintings, reminding us of your fragrance. Thank you Meera for having graced this world with your beauty.
Ananda Sarita

Beloved Meera, I cannot stop my tears now, but I will join the celebration of your new journey, from Caribbean Sea. Thank you so much Meera, with deep gratitude, and love, laughter and dance.
カリブ海にいて日本に帰ることは出来ないけれど、カリブの海からミーラのセレブレーションに参加するね。今は悲しくて涙が止まらないけれど, ミーラ、ありがとう。
Sending big hug and love and support to Svagito.
Ma Prem Barkha, from Caribbean Sea

I am saddened and can’t quite grok that our beloved Meera will not jump on me and hug me and pull me into some crazy joyous adventure next time we meet in Miasto. Her joy, light, enthusiasm, devotion to the Master, and her unique way of seeing the beauty around us – and sharing it – has forever graced this world, and all of our lives. Fly high, beloved Meera, I love you. Hope to fly with you again sometime.


Beloved Meera,

Ma Anand Meera: “Never born, never died.”

I once spent four months with Meera in Pune during which time she taught me to celebrate each precious moment with totality and joy. And yes, channeling Osho, Meera also taught me the essence of creativity and painting…

My most vivid remembrance of Meera was during the day she was packing to leave Pune after teaching me painting for those four months.

You know what it’s like to pack and leave your home, knowing that you will not return for six months. You have to pack everything you need for the trip; confirm your flight (after all, this is India!); finalize details for leaving, etc., etc.

Chaos, right?

Well, that was the case for Meera that day. Piled in her studio/flat near the Pune ashram were boxes and suitcases of art materials, clothes, gifts – a whirlwind of apparent chaos!

And yet – Meera found time that day to cook a gourmet (and I mean gourmet!) meal for myself and the five other assistants in her painting training!

What a celebration that meal was! Osho’s friends laughing, singing, dining and celebrating Meera’s love!

Energy? Compassion? Creativity? Joy? Mischievousness wisdom? Meera is the personification of Zorba the Buddha!

Thank you for you, beloved Meera: “Never born, never died.”

Swami Shunyo Mahom


Beloved Beloved Meera,
You have been so very much part of our wonderful and amazing community with Osho that you will live in our hearts forever. Beautiful memories cross my mind when I think of you being this gorgeous, wonderfully crazy and so alive sannyasin. The body obviously had to leave this physical existence, so many hearts are sad. But now you have fully immersed into your amazing art and hearts are touched eternally. My love and support goes out to dear Svagito.
Gabriele (Ma Prem Gatha)


Beloved Meera,

21st February, 11am…

I ride a snowboard. An accident. A skier races into my body. A doctor
examines me on the slope and everything becomes like a dream. A few
hours later I learn of your accident in South Africa. Thousands of miles
away, on another continent, at the same time. Crazy…

I’m not shocked, but have only noted the event. I feel no fear for you
and no doubt that you will continue to support thousands of us in the
future; just that the thought that in future I will no longer be able to
look into your eyes and embrace your body makes me sad. But even with my
limited understanding, I will understand that the presence of your
physical body for this purpose is no longer necessary…

Fly high beloved, crazy Meera and thank you. Your presence will be with
us and you will continue to feel your connection with us.

Hugs to Svagito and to all of Meera’s friends,

Ralph (Germany)


Dear beloved Meera was such an inspiring, loving and radiating being! In Poona 1987 I found my painting quality, creative singing, dancing and had so much fun with her. But the best for me was her inspirational help for my then 23-year-old daughter. She is a wonderful pianist and at that time was in a personal crisis. Meera just happened to be in Germany to give a workshop in the Black Forest. I brought my daughter to Meera’s painting group, knowing well that Meera would open her up to her creativity again. And so it was! Meera and she became very good friends, and her music could flow and flower again. This was just ONE example of Meera’s wonderful life- and love-giving being we could experience around the world! Thanks for being and touching my life, Beloved. In loving memory,
Bodhi Pradeepti from Germany

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