Across the Pond & South Africa


Sudheer’s two photo-videos from recent journeys to England and South Africa.

I worked back in the 90’s for about 10 years as a tour director for a large international travel company and I would take groups all over the world. I would take a few tours a year to Northern India, Australia, New Zealand and the Orient, the Hawaiian Islands, the National Parks of the West, etc. When I started doing this work I thought, “How great, I get to travel and see amazing places.” Well, actually I did get to ‘travel’ but not in the way I thought. My focus and attention was always directed to my passengers and their welfare. I never had time to explore on my own, take photographs and ‘soak up’ the atmosphere of a new place. Mind you, I loved the work but it was not what I had expected. Is it ever? Since then I have had the good fortune to travel on my own or with friends and the camera has always been a source of great pleasure and, by it’s very nature, has been a meditative tool. When I look through the lens my mind stops and I just ‘see’. I’m not thinking about what I need to do tomorrow or what I may have said to someone the day before. There is just stillness and seeing.

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Two recent trips took me to the countryside of the UK and to Cape Town, South Africa. I spent about a month in each place. The photographs that you will see shimmer with my love of color, light and texture. My approach to photography is one of a painter who happens to paint with light. To me these are visions of a beautiful world caught in a unique slice of time, an eternal present of wide-eyed wonder. Words cannot possibly convey the incredible beauty of the English countryside or the vast, majestic beauty of South Africa. I’ve put together these short videos that hopefully convey the thrill and awe that was ever-present. I feel truly blessed that I was able to experience such places and especially in Africa where animals are free to roam in their natural habitats. I hope this wets your appetite to visit there if you haven’t already done so. I must return!

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SudheerSudheer studied with Harold Feinstein, a well known American photographer, who taught him an invaluable lesson: “Good photography is all about seeing, not about the equipment.” This unique approach landed him a one-person exhibition at New York’s prestigious location, The Light Gallery, and an invitation to be the first photographer ever to exhibit in the windows of Tiffany’s. Over the years, Sudheer has had many one-man shows and has sold his work to several corporate collections. He recently lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; a world-famous artist colony. While living there for 14 years he not only published a book of his photography but worked as an interior designer, color consultant and performed in the theater as an actor and a singer. He recently moved back to Marin where he continues to explore with his camera and enjoys creating beautiful interiors for his clients.

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