I rejoice in the waves of your love

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An Enlightenment Day Celebration in Bhagwan’s silent presence held in Pune 1. The following are quotes on the occasion of the celebration – and a song.

I Rejoice in the Ways of Your Love

Enlightenment Day

rejoice! sing! dance!
and dance so totally that your egos
melt and disappear
dance so totally
that the dancer is no more there
but only the dance remains
then you will find me wherever you are

wherever my sannyasins celebrate
my message is realized
because celebration is my message

my sannyasins celebrate everything
celebration is the only thing
we can offer god

this i call prayer, this i call being religious
celebrating one’s being, it is a gift from god
just to be is more than you can ask for
just to be is the greatest miracle


we are made of the stuff called celebration

rejoice, rejoice
i say unto you rejoice
again and again!

oh what wondrous life!

i rejoice in the waves of your love
i rejoice in the stars above
i rejoice in the rolling thunder
of your song

we are on the threshold
of something new that is going to
happen to humanity

we have to fill the whole earth with buddhafields!

so wherever you go
wherever you are,
never forget for a moment
that you are not far away from me


Osho, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Ch 21

Soundfile from SannyasWiki recorded on Enlightenment Day Darshan 21st March 1980

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