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Translating an Enlightened Vision into Action – a compilation of Osho’s words.

If you engage in any work with courage, there is no barrier to its success.”

Work is Love Made VisibleIn Work Is Love Made Visible Osho talks about his work: its importance and value, the inner qualities that those interested in helping it succeed need to understand and develop, and its day-to-day organization. These talks were given shortly after he had left his university post and are addressed to the people who had recently started working with him. Osho discusses the profound personal issues that work brings up for everyone around hierarchy, power, responsibility, and the art of relating, demonstrating at the same time a supreme respect for each person’s individuality, dignity and freedom.

These talks cover every practical area of his work, from the perils and practicalities of financial accounting to the importance of using the most up-to-date media available. Underpinning all of this is his understanding that unless humanity is prepared to walk through the fire of awareness and allow work itself to become a moment-by-moment tool for self-transformation, no one will ever derive any real benefit from working and no work will ultimately succeed.

Osho outlines his blueprint for a new “anarchic institution” and says: “I do not intend to bind people by laws, rules or principles, because I am fighting against these very things.” Instead, his proposal is rooted in “a gathering of friends,” as it prepares the ground for a spiritual revolution – a total transformation for the individual and for the whole of society.

Chapter 1: A Gathering of Friends
Chapter 2: A New Vision of Sannyas
Chapter 3: Work Will Bring Its Own Wealth
Chapter 4: Collecting Friends, Not Funds
Chapter 5: Four Things to Remember
Chapter 6: An Organism Built on Foundations of Love
Chapter 7: A World Center
Chapter 8: The Art of Living in a Juicy and Blissful Way
Chapter 9: A Collective Vision of Religion
Chapter 10: The Art of Work as Meditation
Chapter 11: Making Meditation Centers
Chapter 12: Facing the Ego
Chapter 13: Beyond Office Politics
Chapter 14: Liquid Organization

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