Evolution of consciousness


“I do not believe in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Once in a while I mention him, but that is simply a kind of joke and nothing else; I don’t believe in the theory of evolution,” states Osho.

Osho RP

No monkey can become man, because thousands of years have passed and only a few monkeys became man. What are the other monkeys doing?

In these thousands of years the other monkeys even seeing that their children have become great Ronald Reagans, presidents of countries, and they are still hanging in the trees…. They should have jumped on the ground and become man. All that they have to do is to lose their tails!

No monkey has been known to turn into a man. At some point somebody must have seen a monkey turning into a man. And there must be a link between the two: while the monkey is becoming man there will be some place where he is half monkey, half man. That too has not happened.

So when I mention Charles Darwin, it is always joking. I don’t believe that you have been anything other than human beings the whole of eternity. Monkeys have been monkeys in their past lives, and donkeys have been donkeys, and Yankees have been Yankees. Evolution has happened, but that evolution is the by-product of human consciousness. No other animal has evolved; they are the same.

A twentieth-century monkey and a ten-thousand-year-old monkey will not have any difficulty in chitchatting, being friendly or falling in love. They will not feel the distance of time at all, because no evolution has happened.

But if you meet a man from ten thousand years ago, neither will you be able to understand his language, nor will he be able to understand your language. Nor will his clothes be similar to yours – and of course his mind will be far behind. He will not even have a child’s mind; he will be more primitive; and there will be no possibility of communication. He will behave almost like an animal, though he is man.

Only man has evolved. Evolution has happened, but it has happened only in human beings. And a few rare people have reached to the very Everest of consciousness.

To me, that reaching to the Everest of consciousness is religion.

Religion has nothing to do with Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism.

Religion has something to do with your consciousness flowering totally, releasing its whole fragrance to existence.

It is in your hands to evolve as much as you want. At each evolutionary step you will find yourself more blissful, more peaceful, more silent, more rejoicing – just bubbling with joy.

At the ultimate peak you are nothing but pure bliss.

It is within your reach.

If you miss, only you are responsible for it.

Here, we are not creating a theology, a dogma.

We are creating an opportunity for the evolution of consciousness.

Osho, From Death to Deathlessness, Ch 36, Q 3

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