Coping with dementia

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While humans are reaching a longer lifespan, afflictions such a dementia and Alzheimer’s are also on the rise. Instead of separating old people from their families who feel they cannot cope with the burden of care, there is maybe another, more humane way than institutions. Video posted on BBC on July 11, 2017.

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When Dominic Sivyer’s granddad, Tom, was diagnosed with dementia, losing his temper easily, the family struggled to cope. Dominic filmed his family as they found a way to manage Tom’s illness.

Tom had been taken to a hospital against his will, and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act (England). He asked his wife, who visits him in the institution, “What’s dementia? I forget things! Well, I haven’t forgotten they stuffed me here. What’s mental about me?”

This video shows a case where a humane solution was found, a solution based on love.

Watch on YouTube, under the title ‘How we found a way to cope with my granddad’s dementia’

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