Beyond limitations


Osho explains to Diti the meaning of her name which she had received by mail.

Diti Darshan

Veet Diti: Can you tell me about my name?

Osho: What meaning did you receive?

Veet Diti: Beyond limitations.

Osho: All limitations are false, arbitrary, not real – utilitarian of course, but not real. Existence is one. Things that appear to be separate are not separate. The tree is not separate from the earth, so you cannot think of the tree in a limited way; the earth has to be included in it. And the tree is not separate from the sun; you have to include the sun in it too. The tree is not separate from the stars and the moon and the air and the water. If you go on searching, you will be surprised: a small tree contains the whole universe; there is no limit to it. The whole existence is one single phenomenon. To understand this is to understand god.

The mind loves limits. It wants to categorise, define, but because of its definitions and its categories it creates a very arbitrary world around itself. Once you stop seeing limits, the mind starts disappearing; and the disappearance of the mind is the appearance of god.

The day it happens that you cannot see any limit anywhere and all seems to be involved with everything else and each thing is just the whole existence, you are transported into a totally different dimension: the dimension of the infinite – unlimited, unbounded.

And remember: that is the case with you too. The tree was just an example; you also include the whole. Each single drop of water contains all the oceans of the world. When you start seeing it without, you have seen god manifest in the world; when you start seeing the same within, you have seen god as unmanifest. And these are the two aspects of the same reality: the manifest and the unmanifest. Both are unlimited; no beginning, no end, no boundary is possible.

Just to contemplate it, to see it, is liberating. Then life is never the same again. Then you cannot die, because the whole never dies! Fear disappears, and the same energy that was becoming fear in you becomes love.

So think of yourself as being beyond all limits and think of everyone else too in the same way. See limits disappearing, evaporating, and see the unlimited in every form – behind every form the formless and behind every name the nameless  – and closer and closer you will be approaching the truth, the ultimate truth.

Osho, Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot, Ch 14

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