Sex in a pickle


Flavoured condoms are all the rage in – India! Read all about the latest fave.

India’s largest condom selling brand, ‘Manforce’ (how’s that for a turn-on?) now offers a pickle-flavoured condom alongside its thirteen other flavours that include butterscotch and chocolate (for those with a sweet tooth), dark grape (shivers anyone?) and (what seems irresistible) bubble gum.

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Achaari masti, the pickle-flavoured one, seems particularly suited for those who love Paranthas and Achaars according to the advertisement and I just wonder who this advertisement is to appeal to? Women? Men? Even though one can stretch one’s imagination to say, bubble gum, wouldn’t a woman worth her salt (or her wit) tell whosoever is concerned to put a sock in it? Who could desire the taste-smell-intensity of a pickle in a hot lustful moment?

Maybe this particular flavour should have a warning: Not be used on an empty stomach.

So far there is no dramatised version that leads to the highlight of using the pickled condom, but here is a tantalising substitute – Jasmine flavour – with approximately 8,404,956 views (plus one) so far:

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